3 Key Reasons Why We’re Liking Sun Warrior Vegan Protein Powders

If you want to ensure you have a healthy digestive system and a healthy heart, it’s becoming increasingly clear that you have to include plenty of high-quality protein in your diet. There have been reports and studies that show adding quality, plant-based proteins to your diet can alleviate irritable bowel syndrome and many other health problems. This likely has something to do with the fact that proteins from animals can promote inflammation and inflammation can cause all sorts of problems.I think vegan

Vegetarian friendly protein powder supplements make it easy to ensure that you’re getting the protein that you need. And that you’re getting non-animal proteins. One of the leading suppliers of this type of powder, and our favorite is Sun Warrior. Using their vegan protein powders, you can be rest assured that the product you’re using is:

  • Gluten Free
  • Organic
  • Dairy Free
  • Hypo-Allergenic
  • Soy Free

The Power of True Raw Plant-Based Protein

vegan food pyramid

Protein plays a vital role in muscle recovery and fat burning. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t create the protein that you need, so you have to get it some way. By either eating it or using a supplement. Raw vegan protein provides many benefits as compared to animal-based ones. You get a nice boost to your immune system thanks to the abundance of branched-chain amino acids you’re getting.

Easy Digestion

easy digestion
But you won’t get any of the benefits if your body can’t digest and absorb the protein in your chosen supplement. You’d pretty much be wasting your money. Sun Warrior is created with digestion in mind. Not only is it easily absorbed and digested (Over 98 percent is efficiently absorbed, which is leaps and bounds better than the absorption of soy or whey), it even helps your body absorb other vital vitamins and minerals.

We haven’t been able to confirm this, but they say that their products may even be used by the World Health Organization to help nourish people. They say that it’s an ideal protein powder supplement for kids, adult and the elderly alike because it’s so pure and is hypo-allergenic.

Taste and Texture You’ll Actually Enjoy

As with anything you eat or drink, if it doesn’t taste good and you can’t enjoy it, then you aren’t going to stick with it. Sun Warrior supplements are something you can actually look forward to each day. The main problem with many protein powders is that it comes out chalky or gritty. This is especially true for hemp or brown rice supplements. Until I discovered Sun Warrior I just learned to deal with it.
Their powders produce a smooth, creamy consistency with just the right balance of flavor. They have enough sweetness to them that most people don’t feel they need to add any other sweeteners to it… but they aren’t overly sweet. Most of them come in a variety of flavors like vanilla and chocolate. But it’s easy to create a unique taste that’s perfect for your tastes. For instance, a hint of hazelnut with the chocolate or a hint of nutmeg with the vanilla.