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We are friends and all outdoor enthusiasts — Mountain biking, Rock climbing, Surfing, Windsurfing, Rafting, Hiking, etc. You name it, we LOVE it.

On a surfing trip to Rio in 2004, our founders “discovered” the wonderful Acai Berry. We ate them with breakfast everyday and often in shakes or smoothies at lunchtime.

We had a magical time on that first trip and went back the next year. In the meantime, back in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, we really missed the lifestyle in Rio and the great food — including our Acai breakfasts. We also started reading about Acai on the internet and found out about all the wonderful health benefits. When we went back the next fall, we started looking around for suppliers who might be able to ship some quality products back to us in the States.

As we investigated further, we found that the local population in Brazil could make more money harvesting the acai berries rather than chopping down the jungle to farm as they do in other regions.

We realized the more Acai Berries people eat, the better it is for the jungles, the natives and the planet as a whole. So when we came back, Mike (our product specialists) wouldn’t give up and kept making phone calls to everyone he could. He eventually found some manufacturers who were starting to experiment with freeze drying the puree. At the time, drum drying or spray drying were the only types of processing used. And unfortunately, the heat used in those methods destroys most of the benefits of the Acai Berry. Some manufacturers are still importing these inferior products — the chalky white powder is a dead giveaway.

We were eventually able to bring a top quality freeze dried powder to market and formed Alive by Nature Inc. to market it. Although they may not have the great taste of the fresh Acai Berries, we are now happy to offer this product to you in several convenient forms. We feel great about the fact that the more people who use our product, the more they will improve their health and improve the planet.


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