African Mango

Dr. Oz Features Irvingia Gabonensis as a Must Have

Dr. Oz featured African Mango (technically called Irvingia) in an episode of his TV show that featured an array of must-haves for your medicine cabinet. If you’re trying to lose weight, he says that it’s something you just have to have on hand. For more information about what Dr. Oz thinks about Irvingia click here or you can simply check out some of the other superfoods that are included in the Superfuit Diet.

University Studies Prove African Mango extract Weight Loss Benefits

It’s not very often that something as powerful as this comes along. A University of Yaounde study showed that it controls your appetite, which is one of the main reasons so many people have been able to lose a substantial amount of weight with it. But amazingly, the study found that it can even influence the way your brain actually works and communicates with the rest of your body. Learn more about this study and its findings here.


Seeding Your Weight Loss…

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When you see these beautiful mangos that originally come from the African rainforest, they’re very beautiful. But it’s not really that beautiful fruit that causes the weight loss. It’s the nut inside the fruit. These nuts are called “dika nuts” and this is the part that’s ground up and used for African Mongo extracts.

Natural Way to Ward Off Hunger

It’s true that there has been quite a bit of research going on for Irvingia over recent years. We’ve researched this miracle fruit even more than fen-phen and ephedrine. However, we’re late to the game. The African people have known about it for centuries and have relied on it to keep hunger away during long hunting trips.

Medical Professionals Amazed

Thanks to the studies that have been done on dika nuts extract, the medical world has certainly taken notice. It helps you melt away fat and lowers your cholesterol level, but the magic comes from a hormone naturally found within called leptin (more about leptin below). This helps you do all this safe and naturally, with no stimulants or side effects. This is a big reason why many weight loss experts and doctors believe that this is an enormous breakthrough for the obesity epidemic.

Leptin and Your Appetite

Leptin is the hormone that tells your body how hungry you are. So controlling and maintaining a healthy level of leptin will naturally make you feel less hungry. This is huge when it comes to weight loss. It is the only supplement to date that can help you control the level of leptin in your body and in turn, control your hunger.

Big Pharma Doesn’t Want You to Know About it

The pharmaceutical industry is enormous. Unfortunately, when there’s something as powerful as this discovered to exist naturally in nature, the “big boys” look the other way or even try to sway public opinion through controversy. Because it’s not something synthetic they control in the lab with fancy patents they can’t make the kind of money from it as they’d like. They stick to those products they can patent and charge lots of money for like Qnexa or Belviq.

They aren’t interested in what works best or what’s better for you… they’re interested in huge profit margins and recouping their exuberant investments. So, natural products like African Mango extract, green coffee and raspberry ketone get swept under the rug until someone like Dr. Oz brings it to our attention.


Obesity is a rapidly growing problem in this country, so we think it’s very sad that the government would try to hide powerful, natural solutions. Do you think nature provides answers we never discovered in the past? Do you think these powerful superfoods and herbs could help people live healthier and win the battle against obesity? Of course. But the big pharma companies don’t want you to know that.

Of course marketing played a role in Dr. Oz’s decision to feature it on his show. His audience loves natural miracle cures and when there’s a show about them, ratings and viewership go up. But it’s important to realize this… Dr. Oz receives no direct monetary compensation for featuring something on the show. Also, if you watch the show you will notice that he does not endorse any particular brands or products. He simply tells you about the herb, superfood or whatever it may be and it’s normally up to you to find the best product for it. When shopping for an extract you need to make sure that it contains it in its purest form and isn’t stuffed with filler ingredients like additives or other things that could possibly be dangerous.

Learn About the Irvingia Gabonensis

The African mango is a rare sub-type of mangos that grow only in the tropical forests of Cameroon. It features a high number of enzymes that triggers various effects in our bodies. The extract has also been noted for its cleansing qualities. It does this by wearing down harmful toxins in the body and getting rid of them effectively. Probably, the most notable benefit of for this wonderful component is the fact that it speeds up metabolic activity and weight loss. The metabolic process of the body increases greatly, helping in the digestion of body fat along with other undesirable substances.


Using these diet pills doesn’t require crazy changes in your routine to be effective, either. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to lose weight and control hunger without having to go on crazy diets or stick to strict workout routines. Unlike many other weight loss treatments available out there, extract is a surprisingly simple way to lose body fat.

There have even been experiments done on a number of people by the famous “Health and Disease” magazine to analyze just how effective the newly found supplement can be for weight loss. Over 100 people were put under observation and the results led to medical professionals being very positive and hopeful about the future of weight loss.

One thing that was found was that whether you are into exercise or not, this extract can help you to lose weight and to burn as much fat as possible. In addition, it does not cause any kind of stimulation or urge to eat more. Within the period of its usage, you will find no dangerous effects. It is very helpful as a hunger suppressant. The fruit is effective in weight loss mostly because it lowers the sensitivity in hormones that lessens the sense of hunger. Most of the time you will be feeling your stomach is full. Within such circumstances, you will eat a small amount of food and you will melt away any stored calories with a lot of ease.

Irvingia Gabonensis is rapidly becoming the most popular weight reduction element within the supplement market. This new breakthrough accelerates metabolic process, inhibits appetite, cleansing harmful toxins and wastes in the body, reduces cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels and generally improves the symptoms of diabetes, all of which result in a more healthy lifestyle.

Why is Irvingia Gabonesis an effective weight loss pill? This is not so difficult to explain since it is all in the elements. It consists of 1000mg African mango and 500mg of eco-friendly tea. New research has shown this particular fruit works just like a potent fiber. It reduces cholesterol levels as well as the growth and development of some cancer, which results in an increased all around health.

The obvious question arising from the use of this weight loss supplement is whether one must diet and exercise when using the Irvingia Gabonesis pill. A study on the supplement shows that the extract has helped people to slim down and burn belly body fat without diet and exercise.

In a single study, subjects were advised not to change their diet program and also to refrain from any exercise. However, everyone knows when we incorporate any type of exercise our physiques will react faster to weight loss. We ought to maintain a balanced diet, made up of wholegrain meals, fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. Virginia Tech College added that while using the pill, consumption of water can accelerate unwanted weight loss. Interesting, Irivingia Gabonensis customers demonstrated body fat decrease by 6.3%. Not only did weight reduction take place, but the waistline reduced considerably as well.

When you decide to use an supplement, you’ll take two doses of at least 150 mg per day. You can easily expect to lose three pounds each week. That may not seem drastic to you, but you have to consider that that’s all without changing anything at all about your eating or exercise habits. So you can bet that if you strive to get in regular exercise and even make the smallest of changes in your diet to work toward a healthier diet, that you would see much better results.



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    • African mango is primarily used a hunger suppressant and to increase energy. If you are looking for a fat burner as well you can take African Mango with Green Coffee Bean OR Raspberry ketones.

  1. I take African Mango in between meals to suppress my appetite and to keep me from snacking. I really love it. It gets me energy and I have noticed I am not as hungry.

  2. I’m very interested in the products that you offer and have been doing a lot of research but I haven’t found any info on if it’s safe and or recommended to take SDF 1&2 together to get the best of both the fat burners and hunger stoppers. If not recommended to take both together what would be the suggested cocktail for the most optimal results. Again I want to lose belly fat and block hunger.

    • Alyssa,
      Have you looked into the SDF-4? It is both a hunger suppressant and a fat blocker together. It is also stronger than the SDF-3.

      I would suggest that for you since its easier than taking both SDF-1 and SDF-2 together. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  3. I started taking this last week because my sister has lost 30 lbs (from using this and green coffee bean). I noticed that I was not as hunger at night as I used to be and I have more energy. I really like this stuff. I am gonna buy the Green Coffee bean so that I can lose more weight like my sister

  4. I would like to try this product but unfortunately yousay you no longer shipping it to South Africa, can I maybe no why.

    • Lolo- I am sorry, we are no longer shipping there because the Post Office was losing too many packages and they were then returned back to us. They are our only shipping method.

  5. I have tried this product, it works like magic. I would recommend it for those who want to achieve their goal of being in shape.

  6. Great post! My Mother had been using Green Coffee Bean to lose weight until she heard about Garcinia Cambogia on the Dr. Oz Show. She says Garcinia Cambogia is better.

  7. i am morbidly obese and yes i plan to make a life change, not diet. SO I am looking to lose150 to 180 lbs. I really want to burn the fat and BLOCK IT! I need to supress as well as energize bcuz i have an underactive thyroid, which i take medication for….. what do you suggest please be gentle with my pocketbook, but be completely honest. THANK U. MS. V

    • I would suggest either one of our SDF products or Green Coffee Bean, Raspberry Ketones, and African Mango. Since you are looking to lose a lot of weight it might be in your best interest to take multiple products. I do suggest consulting a doctor if you are on any medications for your thyroid.

  8. Hi, I had a baby 8mths ago & really want to start the weight loss process to loose all this extra weight I am carrying around. I live in a really cold place so its really hard to exercise, but I am trying to diet – what products can you recommend for me to help me reach my goal quicker?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Mel- Please do not take any of our supplements if you are still breast feeding.

      Now if you are not I would suggest a Fat burner (green coffee bean or raspberry Ketones) and a hunger supressant (African Mango or Garcinia) Or you can look into the SDF products that contain multiple products in them.

  9. Hello I just bought mango thin, I’m not exercising but am on a diet how long will it take to show I started two days ago and what way it better for me to take it with meals after or before? Does it really work alone or should I take it with something else? HELP!

    • Did you buy it from this company?

      I take the african Mango from this company and it does work! I love it

  10. I really need this African mango,m living in South Africa ,how can I get it. N how much is it?

  11. How can I get african mango in dar es salaam tanzania and how long does it take for one to lose weight completely? I want to be skinny

  12. Wanted to know if I can take both african mango extract,with RK. I just started taken it today. I am 4”7,145, and want to loose this belly fat,ASAP

    • Yes we actually suggest that. Take Raspberry Ketones 30 minutes before you eat with a glass of water. Then take African Mango in between meals with a glass of water.

  13. Just got my bottle today, can i take both african mango extract anf RK together, I am 4”7, 145, and want to loose 25 pds.ASAP

    • Yes you can. Take Raspberry ketones 30 minutes before you eat with a glass of water and African Mango in between meals with a glass of water.

    • Yes, african mango works as a hunger suppressant. And yes it does work for many people. We usually suggest pairing it with a fat burner like Green Coffee Bean or Raspberry Ketones OR a supplement like our SDF products that contain african mango in it.

  14. not expensive, but recommended consuming african mango because it is very beneficial to the body.

    • It’s kind of your preference. I like to take the SDF-3 and African Mango, but I have heard great things about the Green Coffee Bean

  15. I F*ing LOVE African Mango. I was skeptical at first but then I noticed the weight coming off and how energized i am now. This stuff is great just bought 6 more bottles

    • Yes I am all about the Natural as well! I love how this company is all about the Natural supplements and also how they have the picture of them! Makes you feel they are actually real people

    • Yes African Mango gives me energy. I’ve noticed that after I am really tired and lethargic some mornings and then I take my African Mango and I get this burst of energy. I love it

  16. If I wanted to take African Mango and SDF-3 can I do that? I really like the idea of SDF-3, but I want to add more African Mango than 750mg

    • Yeah I do that too! I just really like African Mango and wanted to take both. Its been working really well for me.

    • Yes, SDF-3 has many other added health benefits then just weight loss. You will just take 1-2 daily when not trying to lose weight.

  17. hi,erm.. im not sure which one should i get …SDF-3 Superfruit Diet Formula, African Mango – Super 1200 or Acai Berry Burn – diet…? i just want to lose weight.. help me pls anyone…

    • I’m taking the SDF-3 and its really working for me. So I would suggest that. But I have heard great things about hte African Mango and Green Coffee Bean too.

    • SDF-3 has all of those products in it already, but you can also look into Green Coffee Bean. I would suggest using both SDF-3 and Green Coffee Bean.

  18. I just purchased the African Mango and now am wondering if that is really what I wanted. I was looking for the HCG weight loss program and thought that the African Mango is with HCG also. Am I correct. Do I get the program with this?

    • It does a little bit of both, but primarily it is a hunger suppressant. You could also look into the SDF-3 if you are looking for a product that has more than one purpose.

  19. Marie, I would suggest buying from this company. Their African Mango is 1200mg. It doesnt have any added ingredients and works wonders. What bowl cleanse are you looking for exactly? They have a really good Acai Cleanse if you are looking for it. They do ship internationally as well.

  20. I ordered last night and have not received an email, I’m a bit worried not used to doing this stuff, please confirm

    • Tamara- I am sorry for the confusion, but your order has been placed. I will email you your confirmation email again. Please be sure to check your spam mail.

    • Nilay, Yes that is pretty shocking that no one sells African Mango in South Africa. We do ship there though! :)

    • You can place your order on this website. They are a good company that are certified with the BBB

    • Louis-We suggest taking them in between meals with a glass of water. So two tablets twice a day to suppress hunger.

    • Jane- There are definitely different types of brands of African Mango. You want to make sure to buy African Mango that is pure African Mango. Ours is 1200mg of African Mango. You must make sure the African Mango that you buy does not have added ingredients in it. I would suggest that you order from our website.