Garcinia Cambogia Extreme Review

garcinia-extreme-approvedToday I want to take a look at one of the newest weight loss discoveries that has led to the manufacturing of an incredible, new diet pill – Garcinia Cambogia (or as some call it, HCA). Yes, I know that there seem to have been quite a few of these natural diet pills to hit the market over the last year or so. Dr. Oz seems to be leading the charge on finding new ways of helping people lose weight safely.

The bad thing is that some people are losing money and getting scammed on poorly manufactured Garcinia products. They’re made by people who are only looking to make some fast money on the newest trend and they don’t care what it costs you, the consumer.

We’ve found several Garcinia extracts pretty much scream “Scam!”. But there are also a few that we’re sort on the line about. One of those is Garcinia Cambogia Xtreme.

Good Point #1 – Seemingly Quality Product

This extract seems to meet most of the guidelines that Dr. Oz recommends and ones that we look for when we’re reviewing different products. We love that. It has the minimum of 50% HCA, there are no filler ingredients and 1500mg per serving. They even include calcium and potassium in it, which is good because that helps your body absorb the extract better.

Good Point #2 – Not Afraid to Show the Label

This is a point that we always stress… before you buy any health or weight loss supplement you should view the label. Don’t take their word for what’s actually in their product. This is especially true online where a supplier has to go out of their way to provide a clear view of the label since you can’t physically inspect it. Xtreme clearly shows you the label and trust me, there are many who don’t.

xtreme garcinia moneyQuestionable – is it a Fly by Night “Company”

Many of the products that we come across are on sites that are simply made to sell the product. This can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you can verify the quality of the product, as well as the reputation of who is selling then ok.

With Garcinia Cambogia Extreme, it’s hard to say, since they don’t have a website we can find. They seem to be one of those that popped up with a “brand” name to sell only on Amazon, but don’t have a real company behind them.

That is a red flag that they might not care about making a product quality cause they won’t be around next week or next month, cut only want to make a quick buck.

The BAD News – the Price Tag is TOO High

Garcinia Cambogia extract is supposed to be one of cheapest weight loss pills you could buy. Even Dr. Oz talked about this on his show – that it’s wonderful to find such a miraculous weight loss supplement that is so cheap. In reality, you should expect to pay about $20 or at most $30 for a bottle of it. This is the main downfall we could find with EXtreme – it simply costs too much.

Choose a Product You Can Trust

It’s never been more important to be very picky when buying health supplements. It can be difficult to tell who is selling something that really works and who isn’t, but that’s why we’re always researching.

In the case of Garcinia Cambogia extract, the one we trust and recommend is here. We’ve yet to find another that meets all the important guidelines, clearly gives you the information you need and has a solid money back guarantee. Some people prefer to buy this garcinia on Amazon.