NMN Plus – Dosage Recommendations


We include a very small dose of Niacin in the formula for NMN PLUS.

NIACIN  is well known to cause an uncomfortable “Niacin Flush in some people.  

We used a dosage that is about 1/2 of what  research shows affects less than 1% of users.  Read more about this, and what you can do to minimize niacin flush.

In addition to dosage, avoid taking NMN PLUS on an empty stomach to further minimize the chance you might experience a flush.

After the first trial or 2, you can increase to 2 capsules at a time if you desire.

Tolerance to Niacin Flush builds up rapidly. The few people that do experience it find it diminishes and no longer occurs after 4-7 days of continued use with a particular dosage, and can be increased further.

For those that want ONLY NMN, we offer  NMN PURE, which contains 125 mg of NMN per capsule and nothing else, but that product will not be available to ship until Dec 8, 2017.

Time of Day

Humans have a natural Circadian rhythm with a peak NAD+ levels around Noon, and a second, smaller peak in the middle of the night.

It is not yet known if supplementing with 2 doses to emulate the 2 natural peaks is beneficial, or, just one peak in the middle of the day. Experts such as Dr Brenner, Dr Sinclair, and others are on both sides of this issue.

If you chose to take NMN Plus twice a day, we recommend:

  • 1 Capsule between 8-10am
  • 1 Capsule before bedtime

If you chose to take NMN Plus once per day, we recommend

  • 1 Capsule between 8-10 am, until you are sure you don’t experience Niacin Flush
  • after acclimated for a few days

  • 2 Capsules between 8-10 am


In addition to NMN, which is the  IMMEDIATE PRECURSOR used by our bodies to produce NAD+, we include the other 3  major precursors:

  • NAM (Nicotinamide)
  • Tryptophan
  • NA (Niacin)

Obviously, it would be easier to produce only the single ingredient NMN PURE, but we are so convinced the proven NAD+ boosting ability of the secondary precursors make this product more effective, we have gone many months of research, development, and testing, in addition to the expense, to offer this Complete NAD+ Booster.

to read more about NMN  and other NAD+ precursors  Click here

to read more about NAD+  Click here



Unlike NR, NMN makes it’s way INTACT through the liver quickly and remains available in the bloodstream for many hours (18,97,98,99)

NMN is the Immediate Precursor to NAD+.

NMN is quickly metabolized into tissues throughout the body, where it bypasses the NAMPT bottleneck and restores NAD+ levels in tissues more effectively than other NAD+ precursors.

Read about the science behind NMN.


Boosting NAD+ in the liver is great, but is a small part of the health benefits you get from restoring NAD+ thoughout the body.

All the precursors are effective at boosting NAD+ in the liver, so why waste NMN on that simple task?

  • Niacin (NA) is the fastest, elevating NAD+ to peak levels in liver in 15 minutes (R)
  • Tryptophan is the preferable substrate for NAD+ production in the liver(R)
  • Administration of tryptophan, NA, or NAM to rats showed that tryptophan resulted in the highest hepatic NAD+ concentrations(R)

Including Niacin and Tryptophan help elevate NAD+ levels in the liver to their maximum quickly, sparing NMN to be released into the bloodstream and make its way into tissues throughout the body much more effectively.

Like NR, NAM is also very slow acting, taking 8 hours to reach peak NAD+ levels in the liver when used by itself (16).

We include NAM in NMN Plus to act as a slow release NAD+ booster to ensure levels stay high, and potentially sparing NMN from being utilized for NAD+ metabolism in the liver throughout the day.

According to Dr. Charles Brenner:

“Not every cell is capable of converting each NAD+ precursor to NAD+ at all times…the precursors are differentially utilized in the gut, brain, blood, and organs” (R).


  • “NMN makes its way through the liver, into muscle, and is metabolized to NAD+ in 30 minutes” (R)
  • Treatment for 1 week with NMN was able to restore NAD+ levels in old mice (22 months) to that of 6 month old mice (R)


  • Converts to NAD+ thru a 2 step salvage pathway(R)
  • Is much slower, taking 8 hours to reach peak NAD+ in humans (R)
  • Has been shown to increase NAD+ level in liver (47%), but was weaker in kidney (2%), heart (20%), blood (43%) or lungs (17%) (R)


  • Elevates NAD+ to peak levels in liver in 15 minutes (R)
  • raised NAD+ in liver (47%), and impressively raised kidney (88%), heart (62%), blood (43%) and lungs (11%) (R)
  • “has been used for primary and secondary coronary heart disease prevention for over 40 years”(R)
  • “NA is one of the most effective means to improve cardiovascular risk factors”(R)
  • Long term human studies show 6.2% and 7.8% reduced All Cause Mortality rate (R)
  • Can cause uncomfortable “flushing” in higher dosages, which limits its usage(R)


  • In the liver  tryptophan is the preferable substrate for NAD+ production (R)
  • Administration of tryptophan, NA, or NAM to rats showed that tryptophan resulted in the highest hepatic NAD+ concentrations(R)
  • Shown to be beneficial in several neurological conditions, including insomnia, Parkinson disease, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and autism. (R, R)

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3 thoughts on “NMN Plus – Dosage Recommendations

  1. kumbarillatree says:

    I read that there are large differences in bioavailability of Niagen and NMN and they might have complimentary roles. If I was to take both Niagen and NMN Plus together then what dosages would you recommend? I’ve also read that NR has a maximum effect at around 300 mg per day. Possibly because of NAAD overflow pool reserving excess.

  2. Lee-Anna Quinn says:

    Is it ok to take NMN when you have had breast cancer ….stage 1 ….2cm tumour…..bilateral mastectomy
    Diagnosed Dec 2016
    What dosage should I take please per day ?

    • pete_bistak says:

      Hi, my partner was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and her oncologist has advised against taking NMN or NR supplements, in case it reduces the effectiveness of chemotherapy. I personally believe it will be used for nerve pain during chemo once trials are finished.

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