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Better Health the Whole Food Way

If you want the finest dietary supplements developed by only the best, then you’ll want to meet Pure Essence Labs, Inc. With their 50+ years of experience, they’ve managed to create some of the industry’s most effective and safest supplements available today.

It all started with Spirulina. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Well back in 1980, the founder developed a small company for the sole purpose of distributing Spirulina. It quickly grew, though. Only a few short years later, he expanded and began offering not only pure Spirulina supplements, but also intricate formulas that focused on Spirulina, Barley Grass and other up and coming superfoods. They emerged onto the market as the very fist supplements that were entirely food-based.

Maybe that’s the key. The reason they’ve done so well and helped so many people. Whole food nutrition offers far more benefits than any isolated nutrient could. Why? Well the first reason is that whole food supplements offer a variety of nutrients in the exact same way that nature intended, which provides your cells with the very important materials needed in order to function effectively. Secondly, but just as important, is the fact they’re the only way to give your body phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are important for protecting your cell from free radical damage.

Health Begins at a Cellular Level

Your cells are at the very center of everything your body does. If your cells aren’t receiving what they need, producing vital chemicals and transforming a number of different chemicals and compounds into what’s needed, then it’s going to ultimately end in health problems.

  • Cells build the protein that develops muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Cells are where important hormones are built – hormones that regulate and control the central nervous system, stress responses, water retention, sexual activity and more
  • Cells are where the transformation of glucose (and sugar) into energy happens
  • Cells are the mode of transportation for oxygen to reach lungs
  • Cells are where everything takes starts in order to strengthen immune system and fight infection

So basically, if your cells aren’t functioning and functioning effectively, every aspect of your health and everyday actions could be affected. How healthy you are stems directly from how healthy your cells are , how effectively they’re functioning and how well they’re absorbing what they need from foods you eat (or nutrients you supplement with).

Phytonutrients – Phyto… What?

Before the emergence of whole foods and food-based supplements, all the supplements available were filled with only vitamins and minerals. Why? Well, there just wasn’t any research yet opening the treasure trove of knowledge we now have of phytonutrients.

Just what are phytonutrients? They’re substances that we get purely from plants. Plants create them because they need them for protection from yeast, germs, mold, fungus, bacteria, viruses and free radical oxidation. And when we add them to our diet, they do just the same thing, protecting us.

It’s been a well-known fact that everyone should be eating plenty of fruits and veggies, and doctors agree that this is one of the big reasons why. Less than a tenth of people in America eat enough of them, creating a massive deficiency in phytonutrients in the U.S. If you’re like most people, you aren’t getting enough to help your cells function effectively and stay healthy.

Just how much do you need per day to get the most benefit from phytonutrients? You might be surpised…

  • Children: five cup servings daily
  • Women: nine cup servings daily
  • Men: 13 cup servings daily

More than you thought, right? Now you see why it’s so hard to eat enough. Nine cups a day? 13 cups a day? That’s a lot. And that’s why you’re seeing more supplements offer phytonutrients. But the trick is that most of them don’t have enough to make a big difference in your health. In order to do so, they need to have a large range of fruit and veggie concentrates, as well as herbs and superfoods that pack a punch.

Understanding and Identifying Real SuperFoods

Pure Essence’s founder seen great success with the Spirulina supplements and then the Spirulina, Barley Grass, Superfood versions. So much so that many other companies started following suit, incorporating small bits of those ingredients in their supplements. Others decided to try different ingredients, like normal everyday veggies such as broccoli and spinach… claiming that they, too, are superfoods.

But are they really superfoods? Yes, there are lots of foods that are yummy and offer many health benefits. But superfoods, to be true to the term, should have an enormous level of 100 percent digestible proteins, as well as phytonutrient complexes.

Spirulina has more than 60 percent protein. Wheat, oat and barley grass sprout juices have around 45 percent. But that’s not all. They also have a good amount of chlorophyll.

  • You get the antioxidant phycocyanin from Spirulina. You also get premade glycogen, and oh yeah… Spirulina is the ONLY source we know of yet that gives you glycogen.
  • You get a variety of enzymes from the grass juices, even SOD, a potent antioxidant that can offer protection against free radical oxidation for your cells.

In a nutshell: These superfoods give you an insane amount of protein. But they also provide a wide variety of vitamins and minerals to help cells produce energy and antioxidant phytonutrients to help keep cells performing the best they can.

The Difference Between Herbs and Superior Herbs

Herbs come in three main groups: Culinary, medicinal and tonifying. Culinary, of course, contains herbs you normally think of for cooking. Medical, of course are herbs you might think of curing certain ailments. The last one, tonifying, you likely haven’t heard of.

Tonifying includes herbs that traditional Chinese medicine believe build and strengthen health and your achieve or maintain your “superior state”. They believe medicinal herbs aren’t worth much, because they are simply used to recover from your ailments, or “inferior state”.

Tonifying herbs, or superior herbs, are those that have been used for generations in other parts of the world and in holistic medicine. They’re normally plants that have phytonutrients known to improve, strengthen or repair a minimum of one major gland or organ, but commonly more. The phytonutrients they contain often aren’t found in any other plant on earth (that we know of yet).

The fact that they’re known to work for specific types of cells, you can easily know which one or which ones to use for your particular situation. Superior herbs are easily the queen in Mother Nature and are at the top of the list when it comes to superfoods. If you aren’t using them, you should.

The Pure Essence Way

The whole purpose that Pure Essence was developed, and why it exists today, is to offer supplements for pure, natural, good health. That means using nature’s own resources that have been here to withstand the test of time, even if as humans, we’ve only begun to unlock. They respect the natural, proven methods of holistic medicine.
Science has no doubt discovered and brought to us some wonderful things. While we shouldn’t ignore what science has given us, we have a long ways to go to discover what Mother Nature has been offering us all along. Pure Essence is a company that we respect for that. They don’t close the doors on science, but instead they use that knowledge with nature’s own resources and have managed to create a near-perfect balance.

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