Quercetin the key behind Rutin’s many benefits

rutin-quercetinThe more calories you store over time — the more you’ll be stuck feeling:

  • Bloated and sleepy
  • Unusually weak
  • Mentally drained
  • Hungry even after you just ate

But there’s good news. Doctors and scientists are now rethinking EVERYTHING they know about weight loss, thanks to a new discovery. No, we’re not talking about Garcinia Cambogia – that is so 2016…

An ingredient that burns BIG amounts of fat… even if you’re just sitting down!

I know… when I looked at the research I almost couldn’t believe it myself. But this incredible ingredient is really catching the attention of the scientific community…

… and could start making a HUGE difference in people’s lives sooner than you think.

It’s called Rutin, an all-natural compound that’s theorized to kickstart your Brown Adipose Tissue fat — or “Brown fat.”

You may have heard of this before. Brown fat is the incredible “permanent fat” that keeps you warm by using your regular calorie-packed fat as fuel.

So in a study published just last month by The FASEB Journal,scientists tested Rutin’s fat-burning effects on obese mice…

And incredibly, Rutin didn’t just work…

It significantly boosted metabolism and weight loss in 100% of the obese mice… without any exercise! 1

Brown Fat is GOOD

brownfatgraphicSo can activating Brown fat work on YOU?

Well, unfortunately, the older humans get — the less Brown fat they have…

In fact, the humans with the most Brown fat are actually babies

Luckily, adults still keep a tiny fraction of their original Brown fat…

And cutting-edge research now shows activating this tiny amount of “helpful” fat could work on HUMANS at any age.

So to test this, researchers from the elite University of Sherbrooke “activated” the Brown fat of healthy human subjects.

And over the course of a three-hour “sitting” period, the researchers couldn’t believe the numbers they were seeing…

The human subjects with “activated Brown fat” burned an incredible 1.8 times more calories compared to the others! 2

That’s right — by activating their own Brown fat, the human subjects nearly DOUBLED their fat-burn… by just sitting there.

So how can you start feeling the powerful effects of Rutin?

Well, one of the BIGGEST sources of Rutin is actually in mulberries — a flavorful fruit jam packed with lots of other vitamins and minerals, too…

And conveniently, this potent berry is available everywhere — so you can start feeling the powerful effects of Rutin right now.

I’d say the best thing to do is go stock up on mulberries at your local grocery store.

Not all mulberries are the same. In fact, the mulberries with the highest levels of healthy vitaminsantioxidant contentand Rutin are the mature, dark berries. So when you’re at the grocery store DO NOT get the hard, colorless mulberries. Because they aren’t RIPE and won’t give you nearly as much good stuff as the dark, mature mulberries!

Quercetin is a flavonoid that is increasingly being studied for it’s numerous health benefits.  As quercetin rutinoside (Rutin), it is found in many plants such as green and black teas.  It is thought to be the main ingredient responsible for the fat-burning, antioxidant, and heart health effects of rutin.