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SuperFruit Diet

Dr. Oz Recommends All Of These



NewLife Botanicals proprietary SuperFruit Formulas scientifically  blend the best of each to create supercharged weight loss supplements

SDF-1, Fat Burner And Metabolism Booster
This is our Strongest Fat Burner utilizing the fat burning properties of Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Keytones and Green Coffee Beans. Add the  Metabolism Boosting of Green Tea to melt fat away.  It does have the equivalent caffeine of asmall cup of coffee, so it is not recommended to take morethan 3 per day.
- Green Coffee Bean
- Garcinia Cambogia
- Green Tea
SDF-2, The Hunger Suppresser
This formula has multiple ingredients that burn fat and keep hunger away and help you eat less. Saffron and 5HTP help you feel satisfied and full, which keeps you from overeating. While utilizing the fat burning properties of Garcinia Cambogia.
- Garcinia Cambogia
- Griffonia Simplicifolia(5-HTP)
- Satiereal (Saffron)
SDF-4,  Fat Burner and Hunger Suppressant
This is our most powerful combination fat burner, appetite suppressant, and metabolism booster. 5HTP has a calming effect in addition to appetite suppression which helps users tolerate the powerful combination better.
- Green Coffee Bean
- Griffonia Simplicifolia(5-HTP)

Major Fat Burning – Major Energy Booster
Master Hunger Suppression – Master Appetite Control
Master Metabolism Booster -Minor Hunger Suppressant And Fat Burner
Major Fat Burner – MajorAppetite Control



GREAT NEWS: You Don’t Have To Pick Just One!

Our SuperFruit Blends are Great Used Individually And Even Better In Unison. Fat Burning is good but combine SDF-1 with SDF-3 to get the Metabolism Boost and Hunger Suppression.  In fact you can combine SDF-3 with any of the other 3.  SDF-3 Is like Exercise in a Bottle with some Powerful Antioxidants as well. The only 2 SDF products we don’t recommend using simultaneously is SDF-1 and SDF-4 which would be a lot of Green Coffee Extract.

Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract (5-HTP)

The body makes 5-HTP naturally from tryptophan and, then, converts it into serotonin. This neurotransmitter has many powerful effects on the brain. Not only does it improve mood, it also suppresses hunger and helps to curb weight gain. Physicians suggest taking a 5-HTP supplement instead of a serotonin supplement because 5-HTP can access the brain from the bloodstream, while serotonin cannot. As serotonin levels increase your hunger diminishes and you feel satiated faster without feeling the need to restrict your food intake. Studies have found that people eat less carbs without even trying.

Saffron Extract

Specifically designed to attack and stop food cravings, the Saffron supplement offers the ultimate solution to permanent weight loss by slowly taming the body to adapt to changes without strain.Traditionally used in Persia to lighten up moods, the Satiereal component in the supplement causes someone to easily control what scientists are calling ‘emotional snacking’. This is the inevitable tendency to eat random foods between meals. When you eat emotionally, you often accumulate a ton of carbohydrates contained in processed foods that eventually accumulates as fat.In the war against weight loss, Saffron has been named as the nuclear bomb; very superior and effective.

Green Coffee Beans Extract

Studies have shown that green coffee extract contains chlorogenicacid,which is a powerful antioxidant. Chlorogenic acid works by slowing and lowering the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream; this means that the release of insulin is also slowed; insulin in the hormone responsible for controlling our blood sugar levels. When glucose is absorbed into our bloodstream, insulin is released, drawing the glucose out of the blood, and telling the body to convert it to fat for storage. So, by keeping our blood sugars under control, fat production will be slowed. This will in turn prompt our liver to metabolise the fat that already exists to use as fuel for the body.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is said to work by reducing the transformation of carbohydrates into fat. By doing this, fat storage is reduced. Garcinia also helps weight loss is by decreasing appetite by increasing levels of serotonin, similar to 5HTP. It is getting increased recognition as an all around diet aid since it helps with both fat burning and appetite suppression.

Sea Buckthorn

Actually, Sea Buckthorn functions more as a FAT BLOCKER. It signals the liver to not process dietary fats, so they go straight on thru and you end up with less calories from fat, which is different than fat burners like Green Coffee that help you burn already existing body fat stores.