Increased muscle growth and fat loss with Ursolic Acid?

girl eating appleAn apple a day keeps the doctor away?

Another one of those old sayings that has been proving true more and more as medicine learns more about what keeps us healthy.

The fiber Pectin is thought to be one of the keys to the benefits we see from apples, but now a new substance found in the waxy skin of apples, Ursolic Acid, is heralded as another.

What IS Ursolic Acid?

Also know as malol, micremerol, or urson, it is a naturally occuring compound found in many fruits, vegetables, and herbs such as rosemary, and most notably in the waxy skin of apples – giving new credence to that old saying of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Recently discovered

By Dr Adams, of the University of Iowa Here are some news articles about the first studies in 2011.

What does it do?

bodybuilderIncreases Muscle growth Human and mouse studies have demonstrated that subjects taking Ursolic acid showed increased muscle gains from exercise vs those that were taking placebo.

In one study, 16 men were put on regular weight training routines for 8 weeks. The men who were given Ursolic Acid showed significant increase in muscle strength, IGF-1 and Irisin hormones (which increase muscle grownth), and decrease in body fat percentage.

16 male test subjects performed resistance training for eight weeks.

Those randomly assigned to group that were given Ursolic acid exhibited significant decrease in Body fat percentage, increased IGF-1 and irisin, and increased muscle strength.

These findings suggest that ursolic acid may increase skeletal muscle strength

Promotes fat loss Test subjects given Ursolic acid became leaner, had less abdominal fat, lower blood glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

A significant decrease in ghrelin 4 was thought to be responsible for these results.

Ghrelin is secreted in the stomach and has an appetite increasing and fat accumulation effect, so less ghrelin is a good thing. Thus, ursolic acid fights excess body by several methods.

Increased Energy Expenditure – Test subjects showed a significant increase in the hormones leptin.

Leptin is secreted from fat cells themselves and is important in regulating energy expenditure – more leptin signals the body to expend more energy.

Lower blood glucose and cholesterol Another study showed that ursolic acid stimulates glycogen synthesis in the liver, which is very important in controlling blood sugar levels.

Anti-catabolic – Preservation of Muscle Mass
This was actually the primary interest of researchers that led to the discovery of all the other beneficial effects of Ursolic Acid.

They were exploring the gene activity that causes muscle loss when fasting in mice and humans.

They tested a wide array of bioactive compounds and found Ursolic acid to induce the genes that counteracted these catabolic effects on muscle tissue.

Testing with mice and human found that Ursolic acid prevents muscle catabolism from occuring during fasting.

Lean Muscle Optimizer

Ursolic Acid is described as a “Lean Muscle Optimizer” because it promotes muscle growth AND fat loss at the same time, making it the perfect supplement for anyone wishing to improve body composition.

The problem with most “diet” aids are, they target WEIGHT loss. But it is much better to lose FAT, while maintaining, or increasing, your muscle mass.

Side Effects

ursolic acidWhile it is very recently discovered, early research has been very promising and much more testing is ongoing.

Since plants and herbs containing ursolic acid have been used for thousand of years it is thought to be safe and free from negative side effects, which has been verified in testing to date.

Where to buy

So far, Labrada is the only brand on the market.

You can pick it up on Amazon for about $17.

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