NAD+ levels fall as we age.  
Restoring NAD+ may restore youthful health and vitality

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NAD+ is the basic currency that all cells in your body use to function. 

Chronic inflammation consumes  increasing amounts of NAD+ as we age.   Restoring NAD+ helps your cells perform more like they did when young

Videos and Podcasts about NAD+

Why Sublingual - the problem with capsules

Recent research shows NAD+ and precursors such as NR and NMN are almost completed digested in the GI tract and Liver

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NMN, NR, or NAD+ ?

Researchers are intently focused on how to increase NAD+ levels in tissues throughout the body, so what's the case for taking NMN or NR instead of NAD+ supplements?

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What is NAD+ and how to restore it ?

NAD+ supplements and precursors help replenish depleted NAD+ levels.Understanding how exercise and nutritioninfluence NAD+ helps you make the right choices more often.

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David Sinclair on Joe Rogan Podcast
Joe Rogan interviewed Dr Sinclair for 2 1/2 hours last week, and aired on his popular podcast on Jan 29th. We were looking forward to this for weeks, as Dr Sinclair is always a great interview and probably the most knowledgable person on the planet regarding the current state of research on NAD+. In case you’re not that familiar, research with NAD+, and compounds to boost it like NMN and NR, are showing incredible results for health and longevity.

An Introduction to the science of NAD+
Over the past few years there’s been a tremendous interest in boosting NAD+. In general, NAD+ decreases as we age, while boosting it supports several important healthspan processes and pro-longevity pathways. The attention NAD+ has received is well-deserved. Cells rely on NAD+ to carry out hundreds of metabolic functions, including a vast array of processes ranging from energy creation to maintaining healthy DNA.

Scientists discover pathway used by NMN to restore NAD+ levels

This research published Jan 7 2019 solves a mystery that has been the focus of intense speculation by scientists in this field for several years – how NMN enters the cell in order to become NAD+ and that it does not need to convert into NR (Nicotinamide Riboside) to do so.

Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis led by Shin-ichiro Imai, MD, PhD, have found the protein Slc12a8 rapidly transports NMN directly into cells.

 NAD+ increases metabolism,  decreases hunger and blood glucose
This study published Sept 26 2018 gave obese mice 1 mg/kg of NAD+ by inter peritoneal injection for 4 weeks, which restored NAD+ levels in the hypothalamus to normal levels.

The hypothalamus is the master regulator of metabolism. Decreased levels of NAD+ are found in hypothalamus with obesity, disease, and the normal aging process.

Is NMN more effective than NR
Mice that received NMN had nearly 100% increased endurance vs the control mice, and actually grew NEW blood vessels. This was after 60 days, in 20 month old mice (equivalent to 90 year old humans).

Along with the impressive increased endurance, the study shows NAD+ increase is over 500% at 60 days

The Life Extension pathways with NAD+
NAD+ levels markedly decline with age, creating an energy deficit that decreases the body’s ability to retain youthful function.To give you an idea how impactful NAD+ can be, by age 50 a typical person may have only half the NAD+ they did in youth. By age 80, NAD+ levels drop to only 1% to 10% expressed in youth. Deficiency of NAD+ predisposes us to accelerated aging and impedes our ability to fully benefit from resveratrol.

Supplementation to increase NAD+ in lactating mice results in healthy, stronger, smarter offspring
This study fed lactating mice Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) in chow for 21 days after birth of offspring to measure the effect on the health of their pups who did not receive any NR. After 21 days, the pups were removed from the mothers and fed normal chow. Surprisingly, the offspring whose mothers received NR exhibited: