We have decided to no longer offer our products on

While we greatly appreciate the convenience they provide customers in price comparison and purchasing, the platform does not allow us to communicate with customers as effectively as we would like and leads to less informed consumers

Informed consumers is our passion

Our team is at the forefront of advancements in health and longevity and being able to share that knowledge is key to our mission.

Keeping in touch with our customers and letting them know about new research  is part of our DNA. We are unique in that we have truly informed professionals answering customer calls and emails.  

It can be challenging, but we think it is well worth the effort. Not only do we have happy, loyal customers – we also learn from them


It is an exciting time to be in at the forefront of  products such as NAD+ and NMN  that show great promise to help people lead healthier and happier lives.  

It is a very fast moving market with new research showing up every week on what the best protocols for NAD+ boosting may be.  

We love the freedom to constantly push the envelope with cutting edge products, and want to keep everyone informed.

Letting customers know about new research and products

We often hear from Amazon customers who purchased our NMN capsules  and don’t understand why they can’t find them anymore. 

Those who purchased from our website usually know that we found sublingual delivery is more effective and stopped selling capsules back in 2017.

Amazon doesn’t allow any communication with customers, and it is challenging to keep them well informed.  

No effective filter for bad apples

Customers on Amazon often choose the least expensive alternative and can unknowingly purchase products that are extremely poor quality and do not have what is claimed on the label.

Unfortunately, Amazon has no mechanism for removing irresponsible, fly-by-night companies. They depend on their customer review process to weed out fraudulent activity, but often these companies are able to purchase fake reviews, and consumers are at their mercy.

Looking Forward

With new products and human research to prove the superior bioavailability of our products coming out soon, we believe it is the right time to make this change to focus our efforts on educating consumers,  which we can perform much better from our website and facebook group.

Pay with Amazon account

For those that prefer, you can still used your Amazon account when purchasing products on  Just use the “Amazon PAY” button and checkout.  You receive the same ease and protection as if you purchased on 

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