Allan Silliphant, 77 – Security Guard

I have re-entered the workforce after 18 years of disability working as a uniformed security officer with a California State license. I can easily do 1000 reps with a 10 lb arm weight. My Watch Commander calls me, his “main man.” I’ll be 90 in 12.5 years.

NMN, taken under the tongue, along with several other things that work well, has really transformed me. I’m making far more than ever possible on SSA income alone. Women 30 years younger than me, usually smile in doorways. I’m serving as a security officer, in biotech labs in California.

I’ve had my eyes tuned up surgically, both sides of my formerly occluded carotid arteries cleared to improve blood flow to my brain. My aunt was a head nurse in a California hospital until 95, died at 101, my uncle an airman in the Royal Canadian Flying Corp in WW1, lived to almost 98.

I take lots of liquid Qunol coQ10 and do curls as well. My neck skin has smoothed out by about 90% by doing jaw work-out with NMN under my tongue. I’m over 6’1” at 180 lbs. I could be a senior model for police uniforms, now. This new lifestyle is a hoot and I never get tired while on duty overnight.

This stuff works…indeed!

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