Alzheimers patient – Cognitive Improvement with NMN

I am Lisa Esberg, and the picture here is of my mother Annika, who is 69 years old and was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in 2015/2016. She started taking Donepezil/Aricept soon after. Donepezil is used to improve cognition and behavior of people with Alzheimers, but does not slow the progression of, or cure the disease.

Her living on her own in an apartment and refusing help has made it very difficult to treat her Alzheimer’s as best we can.
As I had been taking NAD boosters such as NR for more than a year and then NMN, the thought of its benefits had crossed my mind. However I first saw it as a daunting task and perhaps meaningless to try to give her any pills, knowing that she would only take them occasionally.

In early summer this year (2018) my mother’s AD progressed further and we had to place her in a short term nursing home as she became very confused for a period of time. As she slowly became slightly better we decided to give it a final try and returned her to her home while waiting for a permanent place in a home for people with cognitive impairment.

One evening as she had recently returned home from the short term nursing home, she was visiting at my place. I was taking an NMN pill and thought “why not give it a try” and so I gave her one.

I decided to share our story so that it might be of help to others. Below you can read chronological updates from the time she started taking NMN (first posted on the NAD BOOSTERS Facebook group).

Originally posted 2018-05-30:

My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimers disease in 2016

Based on this study: I decided yesterday to try out NMN on my mother diagnosed with AD.
Not expecting much, I was surprised to find that within an hour after taking NMN she seemed much clearer. Being able to speak in longer sentences, being calmer etc. One time doesn’t prove anything, maybe it was just a coincidence. But we will make sure she takes them 2 times a day (in the morning and evening), and I will post an update.

NMN Pure capsules 125mg twice a day (one in the morning and one in the evening).
Perhaps the powder would be more effective (taking it sublingually), but she can’t handle that.
If we keep on seeing improvements we might consider increasing the dosage.

Update 2018-06-01:
My mom has now been taking NMN for 2 days.
I visited her again today.
It’s already clear to us that there is an immediate effect approx. 1 hour after taking a capsule. We all see it. My sister said the same thing today and the people taking care of my mom said there was a big difference yesterday.

The effect wares of after a couple of hours (although there is also a general improvement even after a couple of hours comparing with before she started taking NMN).
I assume the reason we see an immediate effect is because the increased energy in the cells make them communicate better (even though they are effected by AD) and as the NAD level starts to fall, the positive effect diminishes.

We are now hoping that NMN will also be able to repair some of the damage in the long run, but we think we may need to increase the dosage.
The first day she took 2 capsules, but after recommendation from Pete Bistak, she now takes 3 capsules (125 mg each) in the morning, noon and evening.

As soon as the new tablet version of NMN starts to ship (the one for sublingual use), we will up the dosage to 5 times a day or more. With the positive effect we are already noticing we now have our hopes up! 😊
Actually we are a bit surprised by the effect we are seeing.

Update 2018-06-28:
My mom has now been taking NMN for approx.. 4 weeks. She takes 3 pills a day and some extra when I or my sisters are with her.

It’s still the case that her memory and the way she can handle herself improves a great deal approx. 1 hour after she takes a pill (especially if it was several hours since she took the last one).
By a great deal I estimate 30% improvement compared to not taking them at all (although this has not been measured in any way).
Before she started taking NMN it was really bad! She couldn’t speak in full sentences and most of what she said didn’t make sense at all. Now she speaks in full sentences and when she can’t find the word for it she explains around it.

Example: Yesterday she wanted to say umbrella, but instead she said “the thing you use when it rains”. This would have been impossible for her to explain a few weeks ago. Now she takes walks around a nearby lake on her own (I have hidden a GPS tracker in her purse 😉 Before, she wouldn´t even leave the apartment (or go out on the balcony) on her own as she was so scared of everything.

I have found the effect of NMN on her memory and behavior to be much related to the amount she takes. Yesterday I was with her and gave her 3 NMN within the time frame of 4-5 hours and found that to have a clear impact. It seems more is indeed better!

Long term effect (in terms of alleviating her symptoms), meaning if she is still better if we would stop with the NMN, I don’t know. I wouldn’t dare to stop this protocol. But I do think that I see an improvement in the fact that she is slightly better than before even when it has been quite a few hours since she took her latest pill.

I have ordered a bottle cap with an alarm reminder. It can be set to give a beep for 10 sec on individual times. Once it arrives we will try to get her to take NMN on her own at closer intervals.

On Monday I think it will be possible to order the new NMN tablets from Europe. I think she will much prefer these compared to the pills 🙂
I’m curious to see what effect this will have on her AD.

Update 2018-08-24:
My mom has now been taking NMN for approx.. 3 months. She started with the pill-version, and then switched to BIO NMN. The BIO version, she has been taking for approx. 1 month.

She now takes about 6 tablets a day (sublingually).
To remember she has special bottle with a cap that beeps as a reminder on a time schedule. She takes approx 750 mg NMN/day. We would like her to take 8 or more a day, but she sometimes forget to take them.
She likes the tablets because they are sweet, so the compliance is much better than with the pills.

Since last update there have been ups and downs. For instance we have found out that she has a heart condition (sometimes her heart miss a couple of beats and she can pass out). I have done more research on NMN and found several studies that show NMN can also be important in preventing and treating heart failure. Hence there is double the reason to continue with NMN.

She has improved further, but it’s difficult to measure. She started to get very angry at the home care service people. We first thought of it as her illness was progressing, but it might actually be the other way around. As she becomes more mentally clear she refuses to accept help from others. Yesterday we switched to another provider and is seems she prefers them (so far so good).

There are ups and downs during hours of the day and days of the week. Sometimes she is really confused, but on other days the improvement is very clear and visible. Some days are remarkably good. Yesterday she could even tell me how much 2×5 and 5×5 was and take part in “real” dialog, both asking questions and listening (talking with my daughter about school). She also understood what time of the day it was.

One thing that is different is that she is more stable even if she misses out on a few NMNs. Earlier she would immediately drop in cognition after a few hours, but now she can skip them for even a day without it having as much impact.

Her memory has not improved much. She can easily forget that we talked a couple of hours before on the phone, but her ability to handle herself and her environment has improved significantly since before she started taking NMN.

I have noted that she does her makeup a lot better and is better at selecting clothes. To me they are indicators of improvement.

One thing of concern is that I don’t see how to alternate the NMN intake. I have read here on the forum that it may be a good idea not to take NMN for a day or two every week, but it´s not possible to achieve this because she can’t handle that type of instruction.

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    Hello – I am curious to know what were the results in the following months until today regarding your mother.

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