Barry Wray, 59 – 10k age group winner

I am an engineer by education and have been athletic my entire life, starting running at 5, just because I like to run back and forth to school (1 mile) many days instead of walking.

I am now 59 and due to turn 60, Nov 5 of this year. I am a US Marine and trained on the track team at one point.

At 33 I lead the one of the Upstate NY GE track teams for the Utica Aerospace Division and my team won the Manufacturers Hanover race.

It’s been a few years, but my 5K that day was around 13:45. I have had 2 back surgeries due to failing discs that started when I was injured around 20. My most recent was Aug 2, 2016.

Post that surgery I walked the Mariners Hospital 5K Run/Walk in November and won the walking event in Here is a link to theresults:

In 2017 I ran the same event and will work with the hospital to see if they have the results from the Body Mass and other statistical medical data the collected from me the day before the race event.

Here is the link to the 2017 results, where I was first overall in my age group, but also 3rd overall in the 5K race (note Luke Gutierrez is one of my former Treasure Village Montessori Running Club kids and now runs for Coral Shores High School in the Keys.

Just for another reference I also ran the 7 Mile Bridge run in April of this year and finished just under 60 minutes. I am currently able to run around the same pace I did last year in the Mariners 5K, but really find it difficult to improve significantly. My goal is a sub 18 min 5K in November. Help me get there!

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