Clark Pentico, 50 – Marathon Runner

I am 50 years old, have run several marathons (including Boston), have run triathlons,
half marathons, I have even run the Grand Canyon from rim to rim to rim (about 47
miles) in one day.

Here are my vitals:
Clark Pentico
Age: 50
Weight: 192
Height 6’2″
A competitive athlete in college. Track and Cross country
Marathons: Boston, LA, Sacramento, Big Sur
Half Marthons: Big Sur Half, Great Race of Agoura, Robie Creek

Let me list off a few things I am noticing:
– Lower appetite- Lost a couple of pounds.
– When I get up in the morning, I have that “growth spurt” achiness like when I was a
teen. It is a little similar to a good workout, but not localized. A little like a flu
achiness, but much milder.
– I seem to need a little more sleep (30 to 45 minutes a day)
-Cardio seems to be progressing. I have not been in race training mode in a while but
I have a relatively flat 5k look near my house. I plan on running it about every 2 weeks
over the course of the 3 months and see where I end up.
-Mental focus seems to be improved.
I will track the 5k times and weight loss and see where we get.

Sept 11 Update:

I am having amazing results.

Faster running, better recovery, better strength, mental clarity, etc….

Since my wife is taking it I bought some more 6 jars but gave away 3 of them to close family friends that were very excited about it. They are a few weeks behind me but are already seeing results. They all bought 3 more bottles. I wish I was getting a commission.

I have been running a 5k look around my neighborhood from when we started.
I went from 24:22 to 22:06 in 42 days. Amazing!!!

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