Congrats John Kempler – back on top the podium at 64!

John has been taking our NMN for 8 months now, but only switched to the more effective Sublingual version (Tablets and Powder) a few weeks ago.

John says he is feeling better and stronger than ever, and is happy to see his resting heart rate down to 50, while his max rate is 181 bpm – both great numbers for anyone, much less a 64 year old.

He is already beating riders 10 years younger (a new feat for him), so we are excited to see how he does in races he has coming up later in August.



August 11, 2018

I wasn’t planning to race today as I was on marshaling duty for my club – this involves track set up with witches hats, sweeping away any debris and putting up warning signs for pedestrians in the park etc. But after setting up, instead of manning the track to warn off pedestrians/dogs etc, I was given permission to race as I was keen to see the effects of my recent stepping up NMN dosage (to 600 mg/day).

In the final 200 metre sprint section of a 20 km race, I recorded a personal best time out of 104 starts (since Dec 2014). Admittedly, there was a slight tail wind.  However, what is really significant is my heart rate hit 189. This is truly astounding!  I have only seen 181 once in recent months which is already high for my age (64). 178 is my “usual” maximum observed heart rate.  Hitting 189 is something I saw maybe seven years ago. One can question the heart rate monitor accuracy but I think it is fairly consistent. Screen shot further down shows the times, speed and heart rate. Ave and max speeds don’t make any sense but that is because they don’t account for wind direction.  Bottom line, irrespective of speed, this is the highest heart rate I have observed for several years.

I have some photos below courtesy of my son who was marshall (but did not race).  I was “attacking” quite a bit. There were about sixteen starters in D grade, but the breakaway group was about six…and the final sprint had five – I came fourth but only about one bike length covered these last four places (photo finish).  The riders who beat me were between 47 and 22 years younger.  I did not win but this was one of my best personal performances at my home track in Maroubra (Sydney).

Finally, I have included a few brief videos including the last “bell” lap.  Gives a nice feel for why I love the sport.







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