Faster, stronger, healthier with sublingual NMN

At 57 years old, I felt I was in pretty good shape from running, swimming or lifting weights 5-6 days a week. Yes, knee, hip, back and shoulder pains limited how much I could run or lift. I was slower and weaker than when I was young, but who isn’t?

December 2017
Not bad for 57 year old (I thought)

June 2 2018
after 3 months taking Sublingual NMN

July1 2018
Stronger than my 20’s

At 58 years old, I am back to running a 6 minute mile, lifting the heavier weights and carrying around MORE muscle than I had in my 20’s. Most amazing is, the improvements came from less than 3 months of taking frequent doses of sublingual NMN (under the tongue).

My personal experience has been that taking NMN sublingually (under the tongue) improves the effectiveness such that I achieved even better and faster results than the mice in Dr. Sinclairs’ experiments.

I am Bryan Nettles, owner of You can read more about NMN on our home page, and in our facebook users group.

Switch from NR to NMN mid 2017

I was taking Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) for a few years, but switched to Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) in 2017. I felt I was getting more benefit from the NMN, and was such a believer that we began producing our own NMN and selling it on in mid 2017.

There have been many studies with mice that demonstrate benefits for a wide range of health issues from supplementation with NMN. The most recent was published by Dr. Sinclair showing phenomenal muscle and vascular benefits.

Switch to sublingual delivery Feb 2018

I talk to customers a lot, and had been hearing from some who said they noticed much better results from taking NMN sublingual, so I started trying that in February 2018.

The nagging knee and hip pains that have bothered me the last few years  faded, so it wasn’t surprised that I was running much faster. But I was surprised to find I had more strength in the gym and I also started to notice some muscle growth returning that I had lost of the previous 10-15 years.

More frequent dosages April 2018

In early April I followed some other customers suggestions, and increased the frequency to 3-4 times a day, instead of 1-2. That resulted in even more improvement in strength and muscle building. Within a month, I was tossing around heavy dumbbells that I hadn’t touched in 10 years.

In late April, I thought, why not kick it up and see what happens. 6-8 doses a day quickly grew to 10-12 times a day.

The results have been truly spectacular. Most of the change between these 2 pictures were achieved over 6 weeks.

Why so frequent?

It was really by chance that I followed some customers recommendation to try more frequent dosages at first. Later, when it seemed to work, I decided to try taking some every hour when convenient.

I believe the increased effectiveness from sublingual delivery of NMN is because it reaches the bloodstream directly. However, NMN will be quickly filtered out by the liver where it is metabolized to NAD+. After that, it would be no more effective than NMN or NR capsules.

The chart at left shows NMN levels in the blood of mice are elevate for 15 minutes, after which it is converted to NAD+ in the liver. Human metabolism is slower, but it is likely NMN from sublingual delivery will also be present in the bloodstream for a less than an hour before it is filtered out by the liver. This was my reasoning for taking a dose of NMN sublingually every hour, when convenient.

Regaining ALL the muscle mass from my youth

I don’t quite push the same weights as I did in my 20’s (yet), but the muscle and vascularity are as good as ever, and in some places even better.

When I first started noticing the dramatic improvements I thought it was placebo effect. Then, when it continued I realized I was seeing some of the same benefits as Dr. Sinclair’s mice, with “younger” muscles. I thought I had “rolled back the clock” 10 years or so and was thrilled.

The progress continued and I began to feel I had the same strength and endurance from my 30’s, and was even more thrilled.

I was actually shocked that the progress accelerated and I regained ALL the muscle mass I had in my 20’s.


More muscle growth than when young – how is that possible?

Studies have demonstrated NO benefit from NMN in young mice. It doesn’t make them superstrong or improve the endurance of young mice.

Due to homeostasis,  NAD+ are not elevated in older mice or humans ABOVE what it was when young.

Yet I am now seeing muscle growth and vascularity that is better than what I had in my 20’s when I was lifting weights religiously. This extreme growth is of course entirely unexpected and didn’t make sense.

But my theory  is that the frequent sublingual dosages provides NMN directly to the bloodstream, independent of Liver NAD+. Bypassing the liver NAD+ pathway and providing NMN directly to the bloodstream may be the mechanism for achieving more and faster muscle growth.  NAD+ levels in the liver may be limited, but that doesn’t limit the amount of NMN that can reach other tissues throughout the body.

Of course that is just MY THEORY. I don’t know HOW it is possible that taking NMN could actually increase vascularity and muscle mass so much – I just know that it does work, for me.

A few pictures don’t prove anything

I watched my dad slowly waste away, getting weaker day by day, wishing I could do more to help.

My goal is to let everyone know about these amazing results and what it can mean for older individuals to stave off the sarcopenia that slowly robs them of their quality of life.  I don’t want to wait years for researchers to prove it.

I KNOW this works for restoring muscle in older individuals. But I also know almost no-one is going to believe how well it works, except family and friends who have seen the results. I want to speed up the discovery process.

We need real, verifiable proof.

My solution is to have a contest and give away free product and cash prizes to aging athletes who can provide trusted testimonials.


We will provide our NMN powder and sublingual tablets to 50 people, with cash prizes up to $1,000 each for those that demonstrate the most dramatic, proven results from using our product.

Our ideal is triathletes, runners, or weight-lifters who have a long history of competition that can be verified.

We are confident that taking frequent doses of our NMN can help such older athletes make dramatic improvement in their performance and serve as a strong testimonial for the power of sublingual NMN.

If this is you, or someone you know, check out the details on our contest here.

I can’t wait to start hearing and seeing these stories.

2 thoughts on “Faster, stronger, healthier with sublingual NMN

  1. dtkamp says:

    Thanks Bryan for all your efforts making NMN available for testing. For the program you’re proposing, can you tell us something more about the reliability of your NMN source? The current cost may be worth the potential benefits, but losing future access to the product would be a mess if we had become dependent on it for optimal health.

  2. kumbarillatree says:

    I like doing one armed push ups and my performance has improved on the regular NMN capsules. The most I ever did was 37 on each arm but that was back when I first started doing them at age 35. I’m now 47 and after a couple of months taking NMN recently reached 35 on each arm and still feel like I’m getting stronger. 27 was the most I could do before and only on a good day. I have a few bottles of the new sublingual pills on order which will arrive in the next few days. Thanks for the testimonial Bryan. I too have noticed more energy and strength. Certainly more muscle mass even though I was only taking 5-6 of the regular NMN Pure capsules a day. I figured 5-6 was the human equivalent dosage from the mouse trials after reading a lot of articles. I’ve followed the research since a bunch of studies came out in 2014 about something in blood being suspected of rejuvenating mice. So happy to be at the forefront of this revolutionary vitamin supplement research. I’ve always hated running but now do it every day. I can touch my toes immediately even if I haven’t tried in days. Usually takes me a minute or two. Can sit down for long periods without feeling stiff and sore after getting up. I’ve just about forgotten all my aches and pains and where they were. Only my dodgy knee remains and I hardly ever even notice that any longer. I used to box as a teenager and worked in security for 10 years but although I used to exercise maniacally in my twenties I certainly wasn’t a professional athlete so I won’t be submitting myself for the testimonial program but thanks for providing your heartening story Bryan.

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