NMNNMN Influence Blood Pressure Fluctuations???

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NMN Influence Blood Pressure Fluctuations???

Post by Pickleball101 » Thu May 28, 2020 8:57 pm

This response started out as a reply to a post by PIGEON of a " 95 Year old Commencing NMN use" in this Forum, but as always, turned into a story I now must share with all, so I'll direct it first to his question "Does NMN influence blood pressure fluctuations?" and then ramble on a bit for old age...

We are probably the two closest in age in this Forum enjoying the benefits of AliveByNature products at our ages. My next is 80, and these products
over the last two years have restored me to a "Wholeness" I had in my mid 50's. First a compliment on your writing style, appreciated for it's sound of "Social Discourse" that we were taught to achieve as a freedom from poverty. Most of us coming out of WW ll as children of parents having lived through the Depression, were given this Gift by parents who refused to be Poor in Spirit. Learning how to correctly speak, write and listen, was our defense from being Poor. You have become very Rich indeed, in your talent.

Now to your fluctuating blood pressure. I have personally experienced the same parameters and have been diagnosed with moderate hypertension.
Just like being poor, and not accepting that... I've found a way out of the malady. I had to change my lifestyle.
No more 7, 12, 7 meal times, at the table with big plates of food that were pre-prepared , canned or frozen, with preservatives. They will spike your blood pressure every day, only to have it fall lower than you routinely have, as your body reacts to those toxins with neutralizing ability. Eat only fresh foods, when you are hungry, and you'll be often dropping a meal a day. Then intermediate fast for 12-16 hours a few times a week, that stabilizes your bodies functions. I've learned to take my NMN after sweets or go for a strenuous hilly walk. That stabilizes insulin intolerance, and blood pressure.
Recently mine spiked one evening while reclining in bed, watching a movie ... that I later related to some salty ham in my bowl of 20 bean soup for supper. NMN has been proven to relax your older arteries, thereby allowing more blood flow. Your pressure will change too, and we "older" seniors are healthier WITH higher blood pressure that oxygenates our cells more to allow NMN to work better in it's role of rejuvenation. We just have to allow for these fluctuations to be moderate and a result of exercise and good blood flow from healthy food intakes.
Best to your friend blazing the way for all of us pushing out to 100, as well as you. Get her another dog, and name it "Nicki" for NMN.
Ben 79, 250 mg LSG NMN and LSG NAD+ each, 600 Resveratrol daily. No more Blondes , a little more Hershey's Dark Chocolate