NMNNMN and Feeling Whole again

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NMN and Feeling Whole again

Post by Pickleball101 » Tue May 26, 2020 11:09 am

At 79, pushing out to 100... I've noticed over the years, my senses diminishing. First were the eyes, at night driving in the rain.
Blind periods of a couple of 100 feet with spiking flashes from the high power oncoming LEDs. So I had the Doc peal back my
eyeball, reach in and crack my yellowed lens, and replace it with a clear plastic one. 20/20 now, same as a baby, like looking
through underwater in a pool. Next was touch, 3 fingers asleep in right hand. Answer, outpatient cut a 1" wide tendon in my wrist.
Too Often sensing a need to pee, answer ... ream it out. Pain in the backside plumbing, Sew it up. Pain in the knees, same, trim
cut away torn meniscus. Where am I going with this? You can rebuild worn out parts of the body, but there is only ONE way to feel WHOLE
NMN / NAD+. Until you offer your body the natural enzyme it has needed all your life, diminishing with age, you are going to feel Less.
Everyone's body needs are different. It seems 500 mg of these ABN products is a entry point to start fine tuning from, based on what you
are doing spurt exercise with, fresh nutrition, and stress. The later places a Big part in our lives as it fluctuates so much, but is capable of
upsetting Everything else. NMN seems to be my balancing act; as Dr. Sinclair states in "LIFESPAN" in his recent book, for controlling my insulin
intolerance,that was preventing healthy nutrition from entering the cell. NMN seems to level out my sugar spikes from deserts, and I sense a lower
blood pressure from taking the two together. No antsy jitters. And I have a sweet tooth.
Before I play 2-3 hours of Picklball, I take 250mg NMN, for this reason... insulin stability during play. Then just before entering court, 4 shots
of NAD+ Nasal Spray that hits me like Cocaine (never tried that) . I'm fully alert, my uptake and reaction to the ball is faster, and my stamina play
is consistently on a higher plane than "just exercise" play level. This allows the "Surge Exercise" Dr. Sinclair mentions that's necessary for NMN
to offer it's maximum benefits in cellular regeneration. the NAD+ feeds the brain heightening my senses in play, that allows this ole 79 year
old the power and judgement to put away challengers twenty years my junior. I FEEL WHOLE! like I did at 55.
Life is about sensing whole, in harmony with all that's in it. These two molecules offer me that on my way to a 100.
Ben, 79. 250 mg NMN LSG, 250 mg NAD+ LSG, 600 mg Resveratrol, daily. No Blondes anymore.

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Re: NMN and Feeling Whole again

Post by rhett » Wed May 27, 2020 9:04 am

So happy it’s been going so well for you! Thanks for the report
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Re: NMN and Feeling Whole again

Post by drkris69 » Wed May 27, 2020 9:17 am

No more blondes? They make the world go around. :mrgreen:
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Re: NMN and Feeling Whole again

Post by Drdavid » Wed May 27, 2020 4:14 pm

This is a great story! Happy that you feel as good as you do. You are an inspiration!
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Re: NMN and Feeling Whole again

Post by OzSport » Thu May 28, 2020 2:47 am

Keep up the great health, Ben! I enjoy reading your updates! :D
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