NMNNMN helping avoid Covid-19, at 79.

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NMN helping avoid Covid-19, at 79.

Post by Pickleball101 » Tue May 26, 2020 8:02 am

Back in January 21, of 2020 with the first news of the Wuhan exodus by 5 million to spread the Covid-19 virus internationally, I felt the dreaded impending pandemic that's now on my family's doorstep. The first thought, at 79, was how to dodge this bazooka, like so many of the past, starting with over 100 air refueling combat missions in Viet Nam. But my body's needs have changed since then, at 27, so I turned to my first shield, NMN.

Over the past 2 years I have been part of a NMN Clinical trial study (by ABN) of 40 athletes, chosen from 500 applicants to represent the effects of NMN on their sports play. Mine was Pickle ball, and from my prior posts, you'll recall it increased my stamina, strength and uptake reaction on the ball to move from "exercise" level of 2.0 play to tournament level of 3.0, putting away challengers 20 years my junior. None of the other elderly players were doing this, and NMN was the only real variable. Since then, I've been able to maintain this with a supportive life style it's time to talk about.
Covid-19 attacks the elderly in a much higher percentage than younger, in some cases , I've seen 25% fatalities with multiple issues involved.
The highest issue that's contributive isn't heart or cancer, it's HYPERTENSION. Just check this out in your county statistics for causes of Covid-19 deaths.
Salt , and obesity. up to 65% of Americans are OBESE and live on an American diet of fast and frozen foods, preservatives, canned and over spiced.
NMN has been proven in lab by Dr. Sinclair to relax the blood vessels, and lower blood pressure and hypertension.The rest is up to you. He has opened up the supply line, you must fuel the cell with proper nutrition. That's NATURAL, FRESH fruit in the morning, FRESH foods mid day, and a 12-16 hour intermediate fast till breakfast, most days. Then the cells are capable of accepting the switch (NMN/NAD+) that turns on the bodies life long process of cellular regeneration, that slows with age. These ABN products are lab tested for purity , and strength , to do their work; return their natural percentages in the body to higher levels to restore natural health and immunity. All we need do is PUT the D*R*T*S down, and eat like our mom's fed us.

For those over 50, there is another issue. Your GUT. it needs to be cleaned out every morning, and re-started every night, with a Probiotic. Get a good one online, that's user recommended, of at least 10 million cultures and 5 different strains. If you get "The Call of Nature" within 30 minutes after a bowl of mixed breakfast fruit after rising , then your Gut Flora is doing it's job and will allow NMN / NAD+ to do theirs.
You then can built up the natural immunity your body is life long capable of creating to help shield you from Covid-19.
In fact,over he last 3 months of viral exposure in my world, I've only felt nauseous or on coming flu symptoms twice. And they went away in hours, after taking 250 mg of both NMN and NAD+, I take daily , with 600 mg Resveratrol. I haven't been tested yet for C-19 immunity's in my blood, but I'm feeling healthy and still whackin' that ball straight at those 55 year olders. This weekend in pickle ball, I blew away my tennis / racketball playing 55 year old son!
I always wanted to feel that fatherly strength in a non conflictive moment... watching him across the net in Pickle ball was my moment of Truth!

Ben, 79, 250 mg LSG NMN / LSG NAD+ each daily with 600 mg Resveratrol daily. No Cuban Cigars, Jack D., or a feisty senorita...