Renue NAD+ Skin CareRENUE- Trial Photos Proof it Works at 79!

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RENUE- Trial Photos Proof it Works at 79!

Post by Pickleball101 » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:35 pm

There probably is no better trial subject of skin to see a weekly result of RENUE'S healing properties than my old 79 year skin. Even though our body renews all cells every seven years, at a rate of over 4 Billion a day, dying and being regenerated, I can attest that I gave it little to work with for the first 77 years, except an excellent taste in Scotch Whiskies.Johnny Walker Red, Neat, on a bed of ice in a Texas jigger. Every other day, from Happy hour to closing time 3 days a week, except Sunday. Over twenty years. Now that should have buried me, much less left the largest organ in my body, my 20 lbs. of skin, remotely healthy. But the photos below don't lie, and I can't stay sober after 38 years, if I do. So let the first week of my efforts with RENUE speak for themselves.

My knee has always been smooth, my inner forearm started sagging 5 years ago. You can really see the left forearm skin alligator lines tightening up and a light sheen at the wrist, that diminishes with absorption. You are looking at a daily dose of a morning and evening squirt, rubbed in on each forearm, for a week. Next will be under the eyes, my other most aged area, due to allergies. I'm trying this amount to just see if it will even show a
difference in these areas. The daily recommended dosage is 10 squirts = 500 mg NAD+, but I'm staying with my past daily dosage of 250mg NMN SL /NAD+ SL each, 600 Resveratrol and just supplementing the Renue 100mg daily for part of my 250mg NAD+ SL. Next I'm adding 100 mg RENUE to my under eye pouches and wiping dry my fingers on each side of my neck aorta. This conservative approach offers me visual proof of the benefits of the NAD+ being delivered to different healing parts of my body, as well as what I've witnessed in the past cognitive and stamina improvement in my Pickleball play. This approach lets me see the healing effects of RENUE positively, as it becomes my prime means of NAD+ delivery , over time.

It's been 20 years since my bride of 34 years marriage and I separated. I went to sea for 10 years on my yacht, as she continued gifting young scholars with her talents. But we stay close friends, and today, at 78, she's trying out her first bottle of RENUE I sent her. Her e-mail just received, asks "Can I try it on my face wrinkles?" And I replied, "Of Course you can, and when you get to 29 again, Call Me!
Who knows... If we both get to 29, and 30 again I might be hunting for a diamond ring again...

Ben , 79 . 250mg NMN sl/NAD+ sl daily, with 600 Resveratrol, ABN products for 30 months. Adding 200mg total RENUE daily, to forearms, under eyes.


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Re: RENUE- Trial Photos Proof it Works at 79!

Post by rhett » Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:34 pm

Super interesting! Keep taking those photos in the same positions and you can have a flipbook of improvement hopefully
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Re: RENUE- Trial Photos Proof it Works at 79!

Post by OzSport » Wed Jul 01, 2020 7:10 am

Cool, thanks for sharing, Ben! That's great that you're getting really good results with RENUE!
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Re: RENUE- Trial Photos Proof it Works at 79!

Post by Drdavid » Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:59 am

Great news. Keep sending those photos
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Re: RENUE- Trial Photos Proof it Works at 79!

Post by drkris69 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 2:23 pm

Thats awesome Ben! I need to upload some photos as well to show my results.
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