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The Study that started it all

doctor green coffeeMaybe you’ve heard about naturopathic doctor Lindsey Duncan. If so, you know that he does not often recommend weight loss supplements.

Instead, he recommends proven and healthy ways to lose weight. But participants in the original study by Dr Duncan that Doctor Oz featured on his show back in May 2012

lost an average of 17 lbs in just  few short months

Doctor Oz performs his own study with a LIVE audience!

Next was probably the most convincing study – featured on the popular TV show on September 10, 2012, that showed

“Taking green coffee extract doubles your weight loss”

“One of the most important discoveries we’ve made to help you burn fat faster”


Experts brought all the participants in as the audience on this special episode. Nearly 100 women took part and were split into two groups: those who received the extract and those who received a placebo without knowing it.

All participants were required to keep a food journal, but not change any of their habits.

Twice as much weight loss as Placebo group

The result? Those taking the actual extract lost twice as much weight as those who were taking a placebo. Without doing any exercise or change to diet.

**Please Note: ALL claims and quotes above are taken directly from the Doctor on his live show Sept 10**

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a powerful ally in your weight loss efforts whether taken on it’s own or as part of a blend that creates an enhanced diet supplement.

Other studies also convincing

According to a study published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal*, over a period of just 12 weeks test

subjects lost an average of 10.5% of their overall body weight and 16% of their overall body fat

– all without changing their eating or exercise habits. Each and every test subject lost an average of 17 pounds over the 12 week period. And all with no side affects.

16% Body Fat Lostgreen-coffee-fat-loss

Participants were given a coffee bean extract in a powder form, and they didn’t change any of their habits. Important things  to note:

  • No new diet to abide by
  • No new exercise routine or workouts they had to follow
  • Simply added the extract to their daily intake

Significant Weight Loss

And guess what? They lost a significant amount of weight. In fact, they  lost about ten percent of their total body weight, about sixteen percent of body fat and on average they dropped off 17 POUNDS in merely 12 weeks.

On average, they were eating 2400 calories PER DAY. So in reality, they should have gained quite a bit of weight. But the opposite happened!

So green coffee diet is proven in several studies to…

  • Double your weight loss
  • Lose inches in just a few short weeks
  • No diet or added exercise required

No Side Effects?

“There are no indications that green coffee pills have any  harmful side effects” 

side-effectsThere are ALWAYS going to be SOME side effects with any product, unless it is a placebo.

But it is true that the side effects when taking Green Coffee Extract are relatively minor.

Just like with Garcinia Cambogia, studies have been done to test the effectiveness of green coffee extract on weight loss and there wasn’t a single case of side effects in the controlled studies.

This extract is completely natural, coming from green (or natural, raw and unroasted) coffee beans. Health experts claim that it’s perfectly safe for pretty much anyone IF it is a quality product. There are only a few minor exceptions:.

Your Morning Coffee Isn’t Green or a Fat Burner

coffee-cartoon1Many people have gotten confused with the news of this miracle coffee weight loss wonder. If it’s so good for you and forces your body to burn fat, then why aren’t avid coffee drinkers always thin and in shape?

Chlorogenic Acid is the key

Chlorogenic acid is naturally found in coffee beans. According to Doctors, it’s the chlorogenic acid that does the fat burning. But when they heat coffee beans up to 475 degrees to roast them for a cup of coffee, it removes the vital: chlorogenic acid. So you have to get the extract from beans that have not been exposed to the heating process.

Doctor Oz does not recommend any particular product!

But he does give some guidelines you should use to make sure you don’t get ripped off. According to Doctor Oz, Green Coffee extract should:green-coffee-bottle2

  • contain at least 45% Chlorogenic Acid
  • zero fillers, binders or additives
  • Svetol brand extract (raw ingredient)
  • at least 400 mg of green coffee extract per capsule

So, check the label of any product you are thinking of purchasing for these features. If a product doesn’t want to show you the label or ingredients, you can bet it is because they are trying to sell you some worthless crap.



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