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As an avid athlete & dancer who prefers moving over sitting any day, I’m quite excited about the positive observations / changes I’ve noticed during this first month using daily Sublingual NMN.

I do a lot as far as detoxing, cleansing, good eating & supplements but NMN has, in my opinion, allowed everything from eyes to fitness to take a leap forward.

In order of observation, here’s what I’ve noted thus far:

1) Right before beginning NMN I had gone through a very stressful few weeks both emotionally & physically & my eyes had taken a ‘hit’ in that they were not as focusing properly nor clear, vision-wise & unlike other times when stress had affected body & vision, they seemed to not be improving with time.

I was actually beginning to research expensive peptides that I thought might help restore my eyesight. During the same week I was doing this research, I started taking Sublingual NMN not thinking about vision at all. I noticed, just like that, in one week my eyes were fully functional again. So strong and perfect that I cancelled my peptide order!

2) I was into the end of week 1 when I had an unfortunate incident in that I was sprayed over a few weeks time with a lethal substance in New York that left me barely able to function, walk & certainly not bike or run due to burnt lungs. The burns & inflammation on my lungs are taking time to heal but the negative effect of this experience on my adrenals was intense. I’m not sure if other high-functioning athletes experience adrenal weakness but they’ve been a bit of an Achilles heel’ for me & I know, once I’m seriously fatigued / depleted it normally takes a good week or so to recover from such a traumatic event, adrenal-wise. It’s never been something I could just ‘sleep’ and recover from before.

I have to say though, thanks I’m pretty sure to NMN & it’s optimization of mitochondrial function, with a good 13 hours of sleep I was back to almost fully functional me again adrenal-wise. I’ve never bounced back from intense adrenal fatigue that quickly in my life.

3) Although this first month has been ‘challenging’ & atypical to say the least fitness-wise given the toxic exposure et al – I do have to say, my fitness level now that I’m feeling better, has not skipped a beat and actually seems higher / more consistent / requiring less recovery than before I breathed in the poison.

I’m now pretty excited to experience the 2nd month, free of toxic exposure, to see what’s next for my body, muscles & organs as I’ve noticed changes in many areas.

4) One last observation I’ve noted is that no matter what you are exercising; be it your legs, your arms, your stomach or facial muscles etc., etc., your body responds.

And the best thing is, there seems to be a consistency in the newfound energy

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