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As an avid athlete & dancer who prefers moving over sitting any day, I’m quite excited about the positive observations / changes I’ve noticed during this first month using daily Sublingual NMN.

I do a lot as far as detoxing, cleansing, good eating & supplements but NMN has, in my opinion, allowed everything from eyes to fitness to take a leap forward.

In order of observation, here’s what I’ve noted thus far:

1) Right before beginning NMN I had gone through a very stressful few weeks both emotionally & physically & my eyes had taken a ‘hit’ in that they were not as focusing properly nor clear, vision-wise & unlike other times when stress had affected body & vision, they seemed to not be improving with time.

I was actually beginning to research expensive peptides that I thought might help restore my eyesight. During the same week I was doing this research, I started taking Sublingual NMN not thinking about vision at all. I noticed, just like that, in one week my eyes were fully functional again. So strong and perfect that I cancelled my peptide order!

2) I was into the end of week 1 when I had an unfortunate incident in that I was sprayed over a few weeks time with a lethal substance in New York that left me barely able to function, walk & certainly not bike or run due to burnt lungs. The burns & inflammation on my lungs are taking time to heal but the negative effect of this experience on my adrenals was intense. I’m not sure if other high-functioning athletes experience adrenal weakness but they’ve been a bit of an Achilles heel’ for me & I know, once I’m seriously fatigued / depleted it normally takes a good week or so to recover from such a traumatic event, adrenal-wise. It’s never been something I could just ‘sleep’ and recover from before.

I have to say though, thanks I’m pretty sure to NMN & it’s optimization of mitochondrial function, with a good 13 hours of sleep I was back to almost fully functional me again adrenal-wise. I’ve never bounced back from intense adrenal fatigue that quickly in my life.

3) Although this first month has been ‘challenging’ & atypical to say the least fitness-wise given the toxic exposure et al – I do have to say, my fitness level now that I’m feeling better, has not skipped a beat and actually seems higher / more consistent / requiring less recovery than before I breathed in the poison.

I’m now pretty excited to experience the 2nd month, free of toxic exposure, to see what’s next for my body, muscles & organs as I’ve noticed changes in many areas.

4) One last observation I’ve noted is that no matter what you are exercising; be it your legs, your arms, your stomach or facial muscles etc., etc., your body responds.

And the best thing is, there seems to be a consistency in the newfound energy

We believe Sublingual NMN is the MOST IMPORTANT HEALTH DISCOVERY in decades.

But we don’t want to wait for 5-10 years for researchers to prove it. We want to elicit some proof of results from our customers to help show the world how effective it is.

We now have 3 programs ongoing:


We provide our NMN powder and sublingual tablets to 40 people, with cash prizes up to $2,000 each for those that demonstrate the most dramatic, proven results from using our product.

Our ideal is triathletes, runners, or weight-lifters who have a long history of competition that can be verified.

We are confident that taking frequent doses of NMN can help such older athletes make dramatic improvement in their performance and serve as a strong testimonial for the power of sublingual NMN.

Read more here


We hear from customers that have experienced a wide range of benefits. Some that are very common, such as improvement in skin, hair and nails. Some that are more dramatic or surprising, such as:

  • Cognitive Improvement in Dementia patients
  • Relief from Prostate Inflammation
  • Reversal of recent Menopause
  • Relief from debilitating Migraine headaches
  • Improved focus in high level gran prix driver

Of course these are all anecdotes and don’t provide as strong of proof as a verifiable record of improvement in sports, but they are interesting and may be useful for others to read about.

If you have a NMN Success story, send it in to Monica@alivebynature.com, and use the subject line “Success Stories”.

If we use your success story, we will send you a 3 month supply of NMN as thanks for helping to get the word out.


We feel this will provide the strongest “proof” of efficacy, outside of clinical trials.

Competitive athletes are seeing great improvements in performance with NMN. Now we are looking for older athletes who are at the very top of their age groups.

If you or someone you know is an elite athlete and would like to make some money off your skills, let us know!

For more info about any of these programs, contact monica@alivebynature.com, or at (925) 421-1860

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