Kim Dailey, 56 – Runner, Powerlifter, Crossfitter

Here’s my background and what I’d like to improve upon: I am a third generation runner, my Grandpa Dailey set a new 800 yard dash record in Detroit in 1922.

I ran track and field and cross country in high school and college. Completed countless 5k’s, more than a few 10k’s, some running and biking races, some half marathons, two triathalons, then 9 marathons including 100th anniversary of Boston Marathon.

It was that year I got injured, probably from overuse….go figure! At that point, even with the injury, I felt invincible. With moving to Tucson in 2000, I changed to careers to personal training/massage therapy and got more into lifting weights.

I won my age group in single lift bench for a USAPL meet in 2006. That same year I was ranked 6th in the nation in my age group for bench press by the USAPL.

In 2007 I went back to school for my third career. I worked out at an MMA gym, which is easy on the eyes with all the sweaty, half naked guys, but I realized I don’t like punching people.

And I don’t like getting punched! LOL I switched to a kettlebell gym and got back into powerlifting. I won my age group in a RAW powerlifting meet and in two Senior Olympic powerlifting meets. I missed cardio….bad. So I joined a CrossFit gym and that’s where I am today.

And during that time, I went back to school and changed careers again…this time to healthcare. Being one of the oldest members of the gym is nice when I out perform a fellow member that’s much younger than me….but it sucks because at the age of 56, I no longer feel invincible.

I am super competitive and mentally tough. Athletics has always been my source of accomplishment but my body is not responding the way I’d like it to. I’ve always been a proponent of supplements, reading anything I can in search of that “magic pill” that will improve my performance.

What I’d like to improve upon:
Muscle gains, which I’m hoping will help a muscle imbalance I have due to running.
Better endurance…a “bigger gas tank” to assist with CrossFit improvement.
Better sleep, I don’t sleep more than 5 hours a night.
Improved recovery from workouts as I’d like to do Crossfit 5 x a week.
Better stress response. Working in healthcare is super stressful and if I can physically respond
better to stress, my mental stress will decrease.
Lean out and lose some fat, because everyone likes a 6 pack. 😉

Hoping all these improvements aren’t too much of a tall order for the product /contest. I’m not in “bad” shape and am told I look younger than 56. But, as an athlete, I’m hard on myself. I expect alot from myself and want to be able to push myself again and feel confident in my abilities.

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