Wayne Smith, 47 – Increased Mobility

I like doing one armed push ups and my performance has improved on the regular NMN capsules. The most I ever did was 37 on each arm but that was back when I first started doing them at age 35. I’m now 47 and after a couple of months taking NMN recently reached 35 on each arm and still feel like I’m getting stronger. 27 was the most I could do before and only on a good day. I have a few bottles of the new sublingual pills on order which will arrive in the next few days. Thanks for the testimonial Bryan. I too have noticed more energy and strength. Certainly more muscle mass even though I was only taking 5-6 of the regular NMN Pure capsules a day. I figured 5-6 was the human equivalent dosage from the mouse trials after reading a lot of articles. I’ve followed the research since a bunch of studies came out in 2014 about something in blood being suspected of rejuvenating mice. So happy to be at the forefront of this revolutionary vitamin supplement research. I’ve always hated running but now do it every day. I can touch my toes immediately even if I haven’t tried in days. Usually takes me a minute or two. Can sit down for long periods without feeling stiff and sore after getting up. I’ve just about forgotten all my aches and pains and where they were. Only my dodgy knee remains and I hardly ever even notice that any longer. I used to box as a teenager and worked in security for 10 years but although I used to exercise maniacally in my twenties I certainly wasn’t a professional athlete so I won’t be submitting myself for the testimonial program but thanks for providing your heartening story Bryan.

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