Liquid NMN drops – the ultimate delivery method

We have been the largest seller of NMN powder, capsules and tablets over the last year, but have continued exploring new delivery methods.

Now we want to tell you about what we think is the most convenient and effective delivery method: Liquid NMN.

How we got here – Thanks to our customers

The first step was the powder. In late 2017, thanks to tips from customers, we realized that opening capsules of our NMN and putting the powder under the tongue (sublingual) provided a very noticeable increase in energy and endurance. We realized this delivered the NMN directly to the bloodstream.

Around the same time, studies were being published that show oral supplements of NR and NMN are almost completely digested in the stomach and liver.

So we rolled out our PURE NMN powder and told our customers.

After a few months we found that 100% of the feedback was positive and confirmed this was a far more effective delivery method.

No more Capsules

By March 2018, we were no longer comfortable selling the capsules that we knew were so inferior to the powder.

So, even though we were easily the biggest seller of NMN capsules on Amazon, and sold even more on our own website, we STOPPED SELLING CAPSULES.  It cost us a lot of lost sales, but we believe it was the right thing to do.

Of course, many people aren’t ready to give up the convenience of popping a pill when they aren’t really aware of how much difference it can make to their health by getting NMN directly into their bloodstream rather than sending it to the stomach to be destroyed.

Sublingual Tablets

To replace the capsules, we focused on making a sublingual tablet that provides the same convenience of popping a capsule, with the increased effectiveness of taking the powder sublingually.

It has been a struggle to get the formula just right. Taste, durability, stability, dissolve time, safe and natural ingredients, and size all add complexity.

Now, we are now very happy with our latest Sublingual tablets – NMNs™ – that are scheduled to begin shipping the first week of October. (The convenient tins shown here will be available a few weeks later).

Why bother with a Liquid NMN?

Next we began looking for a better solution for some customers who still had difficulty with the powder and tablets delivery methods, including:

  • Seniors that have trouble taking tablets or powder sublingually
  • Those that want pure NMN with on the go convenience
  • Pets

So we rekindled some abandoned experiments with a liquid NMN that can be used with an eyedropper to place under the tongue.

The challenge of using a Liquid NMN

NMN is amazingly hygroscopic and large quantities of our powder dissolve instantly in water.

Nearly all research with mice is done by providing NMN in the drinking water.

The problem is that although NMN is stable in a powder form, it degrades in water in a matter of weeks, so it would be very difficult for us to bottle and deliver to customers while ensuring it does not lose potency.

Researchers have found NMN maintains its purity for a few weeks, so they typically mix NMN in water once a week, and test throughout the week to ensure it does not degrade and interfere with their results.

DIY Liquid NMN

So we decided to go back to an earlier idea and explore a DIY liquid NMN.

We had rejected this idea back in March because we thought it would be a tiny fraction of users that would want to bother with this approach.

But after requests and more feedback from customers, we began using liquid NMN drops ourselves, and became instantly hooked on this delivery method.

MORE convenient

What we thought would be an inconvenience, is really the exact opposite!

Yes, it does take 3-5 minutes to mix the NMN in a squeeze bottle once a week. But after that, carrying a bottle around throughout the day is even easier than carrying a tin of sublingual tablets.

Using an eyedropper, or a squeezable squirt bottle is easy and effective.

I previously preferred the powder throughout the day, and took tablets at the gym or when I didn’t have a jar of powder handy.

But now, I don’t feel inclined to take either and am very happy carrying a little squeeze bottle with me throughout the day.

Squirt or drops?

Using a squirt bottle is even simpler than opening a bottle and swallowing a capsule. But it is a little more difficult to just the exact quantity you are getting.

With an eyedropper type bottle you can get fairly accurate 125 mg per squirt but is slightly less convenient than a squirt bottle. We show some examples of both types of bottles we like below.

What about NAD+ powder?

Yes, the new PURE NAD+ powder works almost the same.

It is stable in water for about the same time – maybe a bit shorter, but 1 week is no problem.

We are doing more testing ourselves to determine more specific guidelines on stability.


One difference between NMN and NAD+ is in dosage. NAD+ is more stimulative than NMN – and also lasts longer in the bloodstream – so we recommend less frequent dosages and lower quantities per day.

We have tested up to 5 grams per day of each, but anything over 2 grams is very stimulative and makes it difficult to sleep. So our recommendations are:

Do not exceed 1,500 Mg per day total of NMN.

Do not exceed 1,000 Mg per day total of NAD+


I know many readers may question our motives for being so exuberant, but I would like to point out that we are not selling anything here. It is simply not feasible for us to sell a prepackaged liquid NMN product.

We simply want to inform you how effective this is, and provide some options below of bottles we have found work well.

The links below are not affiliate links, so we do not make anything from this post.


The only drawback we see with using a liquid NMN is the dosages are not as exact as with a tablet. But getting a little more or less per dose doesn’t change the effectiveness at all. The total daily dose, and getting multiple dosages throughout the day, is most important.

Free bottles

We will start shipping a squirt bottle with orders of our Pure NMN Powder in October. Those that like it can get more bottles from Amazon to make it easier to mix a few weeks worth of liquid and refrigerate.

Until then, we show below some of the squirt bottles and droppers that we have found work well. If you give it a try, please let us know how it works for you. It is feedback from customers that has driven the breakthroughs we have made in understanding how these products work in the human body.

How to mix

Its pretty simple, but heres the basics:

15 ml of water will dissolve 3 grams of NMN, so if you want to mix a 15 ml bottle:

Fill your bottle with water, then dump it in a small cup to mix. Add 3s gram of NMN powder for each 15 ml of water.

1 full teaspoon of NMN powder is approximately 3 grams.

Stir a bit – it should dissolve completely in a few seconds.

Pour it back into the bottle.Thats it!

If you have 5 bottles to fill, you can also mix a full 12 gram jar of powder. Pour 4 bottles of water into the mixing cup and dump the full jar of powder. Pour contents back into the 5 bottles.

How to use

We recommend similar dosages for a liquid NMN as we do with the tablets – 4-8 times a day with about 125 mg per dose.

125 Mg per squirt
A full squirt from the squeeze bulb will empty a 15 ml bottle in about 20 squirts. So if you mixed 3 grams of powder in the 15 ml bottle, each squirt will deliver around 125-150 Mg of NMN

Squeeze bottles

Dropper bottles

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