NMN Supplements

NAD+ Supplements


Low molecular weight, low PH, hydrophilic molecules are able to easily enter the tissues under the tongue and throughout the oral mucosa where they are absorbed by capillaries into the bloodstream to quickly make their way throughout the body.

We have partnered with the leading pharmaceutical sublingual products formulator to create the first NMN and NAD+ sublingual powder, tablets, liquid drops and nasal spray  that have the ideal characteristics to ensure efficient and rapid uptake.

NAD+ Optimizer Supplements

The  products above do not contain NAD+ or NMN

They are designed to maximize NAD+ levels by stimulating internal AMPK production (NAD+/AMPK ACTIVATOR), minimize excessive NAD+ consumption from chronic inflammation (NAD+ DEFENDER), or increase H2S and Nitric Oxide levels in the bloodstream to increase angiogenesis (NAD+ ENERGIZER)

They can be taken by themselves, or in combination with NAD+ or NMN supplements for a Total NAD+ Rejuvenation Therapy that is more effective than NAD+ precursors alone.