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Alivebynature no longer on Amazon

We have decided to no longer offer our products on Amazon.com.  While we greatly appreciate the convenience they provide customers in price comparison and purchasing,

The Secret NAD+ Boosting Protocol

It’s no secret that people today are TOO FAT! Did you know that fat cells secrete cytokines that increase systemic inflammation, disease and aging? (73,74,75).

Is Basis by Elysium Health a Hoax?

The main ingredient in Elysium Health’s Basis is Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) Elysium Health is only one of several companies selling Nicotinamide Riboside. Their main selling

Anti-aging effect of NAD+ boosters

Scientists are discovering new ways that NAD+ facilitates healthy longevity.1-3 NAD+ levels markedly decline with age, creating an energy deficit that decreases the body’s ability

Ben Greenfield on NAD+

This is the transcript from Ben’s podcast you can listen to here: Ben: Hey folks, it’s Ben Greenfield, and I wanna tell you about an article I