New Life Botanical

Garcinia Cambogiaweight-loss-before-after is probably the hottest thing right now in the weight loss world. Everyone is talking about it… people who are finally losing weight who have never been able to before, researchers, doctors and even Dr. Oz. What makes this new supplement so special? Why is it getting so much attention? Because of two things: it’s a natural supplement that simply works and you don’t have to kill yourself with strenuous workouts or try to stick to any crazy diet.

However, there are lots of “companies” that are in it just for the money. They couldn’t care less about you or your weight loss success. They’re just jumping in while it’s hot to try to make a quick buck. So you have to be careful about who you buy from. We’ve been doing reviews to keep you informed of some of these less than honorable suppliers, but today we’re happy to say we’ve found one that shines brightly in comparison to all the others. The name of this brand is New Life Botanical.

Before we get into the details, let’s take a quick look at this amazing new diet pill everyone’s talking about…

stop-cravings-girl3 Ways Garcinia Cambogia Helps You Lose Weight

Garcinia, sometimes referred to as HCA extract, works in several different ways. That’s what makes it so powerful – the combination of different things it does when you start taking it daily.

Attack and Finally Melt Away Fat

The first thing that happens is it starts attacking the fat cells you already have. It grabs them and forces them to be converted into energy, which burns them away, making you appear leaner and sleeker. I know most people would be happy with that! But it doesn’t end there…

Stop Fat in it’s Track

You’re already burning off fat. But this natural plant extract will also start blocking your body from creating new fat cells, which means you’re keeping the fat away – not going on the common “roller coaster” ride that many trying to lose weight struggle with.

Kick Cravings to the Curb

So you’re becoming a fat burning machine. But guess what? It still doesn’t end there. On top of everything it’s already doing to help you lose weight, it’ll also reduce your hunger. So now you’re not feeling as hungry and you’re not eating as much. Emotional eaters tend to benefit from garcinia very well. The urges and the cravings are either gone or at least very much minimized.

Garcinia cambogia is a triple-fat-busting breakthrough that is helping people all over the world finally start melting away pounds. How could it not? I mean, really…. look at it again…

  1. Gets rid of fat
  2. Prevents NEW fat from even forming
  3. Reduces appetite and helps control cravings


Why New Life Botanical?


Now let’s take a closer look at New Life Botanical! (Yes, we’re excited about it if you can’t tell)

Extremely Affordable

If you have read any of the other reviews we’ve done on Garcinia brands, you’ll know that this is supposed to be a very cheap supplement that pretty much anyone can afford. In fact, Dr. Oz was very excited about it – finally something that really works and you don’t have to pay $50, $60 or even $100 for. You should never pay that much for it. New Life sells it for about $34, but we’ve noticed that there’s almost always a discount offer. Like right now, they’re giving 30% off, so in reality you’re only paying about $24.

The HCA You Need for it to Work

With Garcnia Cambogia extract, you have to make sure that the one you’re buying has a minimum of 50% HCA. It should be clearly visible and on the label. If it’s not, don’t buy it. It probably doesn’t have the minimum amount needed and if that’s the case, you’re wasting your money. New Life clearly has the minimum of 50% HCA.

read-labelClearly Able to View Exact Info on Label

Another thing you should always do is read the label before buying. This holds true for any type of health supplement you’re thinking about buying. Many of the online fly-by-night suppliers who are just trying to make some easy money (and possibly outright scam you) will not give you the ability to read the label. That’s a huge red flag and another feature that makes New Life shine. You can view the entire bottle, the label, the ingredients, etc. completely clearly with regular and ‘larger’ image views. There’s nothing to hide here and we love how clearly you can view everything before ordering.

garcinia-guaranteeBEST Guarantee Ever!

A money back guarantee is pretty much expected on health supplements, especially weight loss ones. By many though, it’s simply used as a marketing ploy. They’ll tout their 100% money back guarantee and make it prominently visible on the site. However, if you take the time to read the terms that accompany that guarantee you quickly realize it isn’t that great of a guarantee. You’ll have to jump through hoops, call them to get return authorization numbers, pay shipping fees, pay restocking fees, be limited to returning unopened bottles… the list goes on. Not with New Life. A simple, true, no-strings-attached guarantee. No hoops to jump through. No authorizations or other stuff that make getting a refund a pain in the rear. Just send it back. Now that’s a refreshing change, as we’ve never seen a guarantee as good this one.


It’s pretty hard to find anything wrong with New Life Botanical Garcinia Cambogia Extract. This is by far the most good things we’ve had to say about any weight loss supplement provider and are happy we’ve found it – we hope that you lose the weight and become yet another success story! Of course, we’re always open and looking for the truth. If you happen to discover anything bad about this supplier, just let us know. We’ll review the info and if validated, update this review.


Choosing a Good Garcinia Extract

Yes, Garcinia is proving to likely be the most advanced discovery we’ve seen in the weight loss industry in quite some time. But that doesn’t mean that every extract available by any supplier is a good one. As always, there are companies and brands that you should steer clear of. Deciding which one is the best can be time consuming, to say the least. In our opinon, after all the research we’ve done, there’s one that stands out against the crowd. That Garcinia extract is the one from New Life Botanical and is the one we recommend for many reasons. It’s also sold on Amazon.


Click image for larger size to read label.
Click image for larger size to read label.

Dr. Oz gives pointers to choosing one and New Life’s exceeds them:

  • It’s a completely natural product (hard to find these days!)
  • You get an amazing 60% HCA
  • Has been proven to work and continues to get excellent reviews
  • You get 600mg per capsule
  • There are zero fillers and other useless ingredients (don’t buy anything that has them!)
  • You can easily get a refund without jumping through hoops, getting return authorization etc. This is easily the best money back guaranteed we’ve seen




A truly Natural Program

The plant known as garcinia cambogia can be used for a variety of purposes, though a modern understanding leads many people to believe it has the ability to cause weight loss. Garcinia Cambogia HCA is a plant native to Indonesia that has chemical proprieties causing weight loss in many situations. It has even been featured on the Doctor Oz show and can be used in many diet plans. Some cases though have reported side effects, so proper research is advised if you plan on using it.

Stick with Proven Results

Knowing the details of this plant and the side effects it may have can help you understand its uses in diet or health programs. Watching shows like Doctor Oz can help inform you of similar products and their benefits. Numerous supplements available provide a wealth of choices when deciding how you would like to implement products into your schedule. The ingredient HCA in supplements that offer it can help expedite that process of weight loss so you can obtain the desired results you want faster.

If you use natural methods of losing weight, you should see an improvement in your health as many industry experts have confirmed. There are a number of products you can use, though using something as simple as a plant can provide you with many health benefits. Increased strength, vitality and energy are all positive aspects of living well and choosing what is right for your particular needs. Staying active can help in this endeavor, so keep up with a proper health regimen and you should achieve your goals.

Sticking with a health program that provides results can be hard, though with persistence you can likely lose the weight you want. Reading as much information as you can on the subject should also help you make more informed choices so that you end up with positive results. Many online resources also exist to help you in your search for the right plan to help you lose weight. Using search engines and visiting informative websites can help provide feedback on the products you have an interest in.