The Paleo Dieters Best Friend

The Paleo Dieters Best Friend isn’t the rabbit food looking pellets in the picture. It is the wood pellet grills that burn those pellets. Many people haven’t even heard of the wood pellet grills but they are gaining huge popularity. As popular as they are with the professional grillers, they are a HUGE BOON for the people on the Paleo Diet.

For those not familiar with a wood pellet grill, they are smoker, grill, ovens that use wood pellets as fuel. Your first instinct might be the reason for these grills being the best friend of a paleo dieter is cooking food the way it was intended, over wood fire. I’m sure there is some validity to that point but not really the reason.

There are a few reasons that make the wood pellet grills a must have for anyone on the paleo diet. Consider the basic premise of the Paleo Diet, eating lean meats, fruits and vegetables. No dairy, grains, legumes or processed sugars. Basically lean meats and fresh produce. Last but not least, for those following a strict paleo diet, NO SALT.

Other than weight loss most people quickly recognize the numerous health benefits associated with maintaining the Paleo Diet. But people have objections as well. The tow biggest objections (excuses) people have with the paleo diet are 1. A lot of work. 2. Lack of flavor due to the NO SALT rule.

The wood pellet grill helps with both these issues. It’s true that when you are eating a strict paleo diet following the recipes in the various cookbooks and the laid out meal plans. When I first read those plans I figure I’d have to have two refrigerators, shop every other day and spend hours prepping and cooking meals. Sure they are elaborate but they are intended to infuse flavor.

People LEARN how to eat. If you grew up eating foods cooked with salt. That becomes a base flavor and without salt it all tastes bland. People raised in India “learned” to eat food with a lot of  curry so any food without a heavy spice tastes bland to them.

Grilling your meat and vegetable can add a unique wood smoke flavor to “replace” the base flavor. Using a traditional charcoal grill really doesn’t elevate all the prep time. Getting your charcoal lit, soaking wood chips for the flavor and cleaning up after just seems to add work. The wood pellet grill utilizes various blends of wood for the smoke flavor. You can use anything straight hickory to a hazelnut, apple, cherry wood blend depending on what you are cooking.

Let me tell you how easy this is to use. You walk outside push the start button and set the temperature. Go get your meat and vegetables ready. Put them on the grill with unties they are done. No cleanup necessary on a daily basis. Very little ash remains. Empty like a cup of ash every three or four uses and clean you grill once a month.

A quick and simple way to have your paleo proteins and vegetable cooked with huge flavor. Have you ever had trout cooked over a wood fire? Not seasoning needed and hard to beat for flavor. Imagine such an easy way to have a smoked salmon scramble for Saturday breakfast. The convenience is phenomenal. At one go you can cook all your protein for several days.

There are several grills available with a large range in prices. Get whatever you can afford. My personal choice it the Mak 2 Star General. It is a high quality grill for sure but the features are very appealing for the this style cooking. It has multiple heat zone choices including both direct and indirect heat. A slow smoker/ warming unit and the ability to easily change which wood pellets are loaded in the hopper.


The investment in a good wood pellet grill is worth doing. This grill will ease your path on the Paleo Diet and once you understand all the health benefits of the Paleo Diet you will agree that anything that helps you stay on that path is worth the price. The time, money and effort you spend on the staying the course will be repaid ten fold in reduced medical bills and a much happy and healthier life.