Protein at breakfast increases Weight Loss

girl eating eggsProtein is a crucial part of a weight-loss plan.

In fact, increasing your protein intake is more effective than taking Garcinia Cambogia for weight loss.

Research demonstrates that eating protein keeps you feeling fuller for a longer period of time, preventing you from consuming extra calories (123).

Because of that, adding protein to the first meal of the day can help you lose weight.

Is Breakfast Really Necessary?

People often think that skipping breakfast will make them gain weight.

While current research shows that eating breakfast doesn’t affect your weight (1), it may be important for improving mental clarity in some people (45).

Of course, the foods that you eat for breakfast are key.

Eating a conventional sugary cereal may taste good and fill you up, but consuming a high-protein meal may help you lose weight.

Researchers say not to worry about skipping breakfast when it comes to weight loss. However, they may not be factoring in the weight-reducing benefits of a high-protein meal.

How You Can Lose Weight by Eating Protein

High-Protein-ContentOne of the best things you can do to lose weight is eat protein.

Your body burns more calories to process protein than it does to metabolize fat or carbohydrates (6).

Eating protein also prevents you from getting hungry soon after you’ve eaten.(7)

Studies show that eating protein can help reduce total calorie consumption and late-night snacking (8).

One study with had women increase their protein intake from 50-30% of their total calories for a 12 week period.  This resulted  in them consuming 441 few calories, and losing 11 pounds on average (9).

Consuming protein can also help you keep the weight off once you have lost it.  This study found that dieters regain 50% less weight just by increasing protein up to  18% of calories  (10).

Increasing your protein intake is very likely to help you lose weight and keep it off

Eat More Protein in the Morning to Eat Less in the Afternoon

hormones-appetite-hunger-humanMany researchers are investigating the ways in which eating protein early in the day influences calorie intake later on.

Some results indicate that eating more protein for breakfast helps people eat less up to 135 fewer calories later in the day  (11)

Eating a high-protein breakfast can actually alter the motivation and reward signals in the brain, making people less likely to be driven to eat in order to feel better (12).

Consuming protein also triggers signals that control hunger, making people feel more satiated and be less inclined to snack or overeat (13).

Many studies have proven that increasing protein intake at breakfast can cause a drop in hunger  hormone ghrelin and an increase in  hormone peptide YY that signal fullness   (14).

Studies show that a high protein breakfast can influence these hormones all through the day (1516).

Protein for  breakfast has a great influence on the appetite hormones, and leads to less calories consumed throughout the day.

How You Can Lose Belly Fat by Increasing Your Protein at Breakfast

Woman's fingers measuring her belly fat
Woman’s fingers measuring her belly fat

Eating more protein, especially at breakfast, leads to decreased hunger throughout the day, and  you can lose belly fat .

Increased consumption of healthy protein is inversely related  to lower belly fat percentages  (1718).

In one study, obese teenagers lost 4% of their bodyweight over three months by eating fewer grains and more eggs during the first meal of the day compared with .2% for teens who continued to eat a carbohydrate-based breakfast (19).

Another study demonstrated that a group of participants that ate eggs for breakfast  lost  61%  more BMI  than those eating the same number of calories, but bagels instead of eggs (20).

Consuming a high-protein breakfast can play a big role in reducing body fat, especially for obese individuals

You Can Get a Metabolism Boost From Protein

Fast-metabolism1A faster metabolism helps you burn extra calories and lose weight more rapidly.

When you eat carbs or fat, your body doesn’t have to burn as many calories in order to metabolize those nutrients. You burn up to 30 percent more calories when your body is processing protein (21).

You can increase your calorie burn by up to 100 calories per day by eating more protein. You  boost your metabolism by cutting out some carbs and fat and replacing those calories with  protein. (2223).

A high protein diet can also help prevent muscle loss during calorie restriction, and partly prevent the reduction in metabolism that often comes with weight loss, often referred to as “starvation mode” (242526).

One problem with extreme calorie restriction diet is reduction in metabolism – as you eat less, your metabolism slows and you burn fewer calories(2728,)

High protein intake helps prevent muscle loss and slower metabolism that results, so you can continue to burn more calories per day (293031)

Eating more protein can preserve muscle mass and improve a sluggish metabolism when you’re eating fewer calories in an attempt to lose weight.

What Breakfast Foods are High in Protein?

omeletteIn addition to being extremely nourishing, eggs contain high levels of protein.

People who replace toast, oatmeal or cereal with eggs typically consume less over the next day and lower their BMI. (323334).

Some other great protein sources are fish, seafood, beef, chicken and some dairy products.

Some ideas that can get you started with a high-protein breakfast are:
• Scramble eggs in a healthy oil such as coconut or olive oil, and add a hearty helping of vegetables. Peppers, mushrooms, spinach and onions are nutritious and tasty options.
• Make an omelet, adding vegetables and cream or cottage cheese.
• Break up soft tofu and sauté it with spinach and kale. Add nutritional yeast and dairy-free cheese.
• Scoop Greek yogurt into a bowl with fresh or frozen berries, wheat germ, hemp hearts, chia seeds and almonds.
• Make a shake or smoothie with a frozen banana, strawberries or blueberries, and almond milk. Add a scoop of whey protein to make it a filling meal.
• Whip up some protein pancakes.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate more protein in your breakfast is to eat eggs. Other high-protein options can add variety.

Final Thoughts: Eat More Protein at Breakfast

Most people are better off eating breakfast rather than trying to skip it to save calories.

If you eat breakfast to start the day, make sure that it includes protein.

In the studies that demonstrate the benefits of eating protein for breakfast, participants ate at least 20 grams of protein during the meal.