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Still loving the NMN. The most obvious results so far are losing weight, muscle pump feeling, and improved biking performance with lower heart rate. I’m totally impressed and still two months to go!

I bike several times a week, depending on my schedule and HVR (Heart Rate Variability) score that helps get a good recover period. For a couple years now, my performance, measured as average ride speed has been steady, not improving. For the record, I’ve been taking NR and other supplements for several years. When NMN came out I was doubtful, but interested. The contest was the opportunity I was waiting for, and I started taking more NMN than I would have otherwise.

After a month on NMN, I found I was having trouble taking enough, especially on ride days. So many times a day was problematic. My solution – on a ride morning I take a 12 oz. bottle of my favorite mineral water and put 300-400 mg NMN powder in and cap it. I drink most of it reading Google news before breakfast which includes 250mg NR and an assortment of other nutraceuticals. Then I add 200-400 mg NMN powder to my ride hydration bottle. Nine-ish I’m on my way, and use a 125 mg sublingual tablet about every 30 minutes while riding, interspersed with hydration. No problem getting enough NMN this way.

And based on the results I’m now getting, NMN is the secret sauce for my exercise performance.

Keep in mind, I’m 69, 145 lbs., on a 30 lb. bike. Today I decided to do an time-trial on an 8 mile stretch, out and back along a lake, with a 5 mile ‘rest ride’ in between segments. I completed it in record time.  Eight miles south 15.0 mph average speed, north direction 14.0 mph. Last year an average ride was in the 12s. I’ve been cycling 4 yrs. now, but my performance had stagnated. The addition of NMN, combined with my exercise and supplement regimen, is paying off with big improvements.

I might also add that other very noticeable changes in my body has been overall muscle development out of nowhere, with a bonus of steady weight loss since I’ve started. I’m now at a weight I haven’t been since a teenager! Coincidence? I don’t believe so.

It seems the experiment with NMN is going well. Just look at this:

Ten Day Span of Improvement


Date >> 8 mi out             >>>>>>   8 mi return


Sept 10 – 14.3 mph ave / 24.8 mph   –   15.8 mph ave / 24.8 max

Sept 12 – 16.0 mph ave / 26.8 max   –   15.7 mph ave / 25.3 max

Sept 16 – 15.7 mph ave / 22.8 max   –   16.2 mph ave / 24.4 max

Sept 20 – 14.7 mph ave / 23.7 max   –   17.0 mph ave / 25.5 max

Which shows that my slower speeds are getting faster (uphill and flats, for example), whereas my fastest speeds (downhill) are predictably staying the same. Or as one would say, “Getting stronger day-by-day!”

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