Sonia Simpson, 50 – Spartan Race Age Group Winner

I’m very active in OCR , Spartan Race participant since 2014, but started Elite group in 2015. This year I have podium 3 times on my age group (50+…)

My friend Chris Peltier recommended me this product, of how he have notice a big positive difference in his trail runs and Spartan competitions.



Update from Sonia – Aug 28

SpartanRace-WV TrifectaWeekend is “In The Books”… Qualifier NAC/Beast(13.7 Miles) on Saturday, and Open-Super (8.1 Miles), and Sprint(5 Miles) on Sunday. Back in PA today feeling amazingly sore free, but tired, and ready for harder grip training starting tomorrow.

I started using this product because my friend, Chris Peltier, has been using it and told me all about NMN and his performance improvement.

It all started when we were trail running together, and I mentioned how impressed I was of his Pace, on his recent post in FB.

I’ve been noticing better workouts/training endurance, and I did notice a difference in my performance in this past weekend Spartan Race.

I ran the Qualifier NAC Beast, in WV, and felt so good, and sore free!!! I woke up next day at 4:30am (Sunday), went to the venue and signed up for the Super (9am Start)….finished it and signed up for the Sprint (1pm Start).

This is the first time I have done what it’s called “Trifecta Weekend”, and I had Zero cramps on Beast and Super, but some light cramps last 2 Miles of Sprint.

I’ve always suffered from cramps at any single race so this was “a 1st” for me.

The next day, I was still 100% sore free!!…first time my legs, glutes, shoulders, abs , whole body was sore free…It did not prevent me from “Bruce Free,” I still have those today (lol!)

I was up by 3am, on Monday (2 days ago…), to drive 7.5hrs back home and my whole body was comfortable for the whole drive.

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We provide our NMN powder and sublingual tablets to 40 people, with cash prizes up to $2,000 each for those that demonstrate the most dramatic, proven results from using our product.

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  • Relief from debilitating Migraine headaches
  • Improved focus in high level gran prix driver

Of course these are all anecdotes and don’t provide as strong of proof as a verifiable record of improvement in sports, but they are interesting and may be useful for others to read about.

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  1. Edwina Barton says:

    Hi Sonia
    I’m impressed by your results! Love to know how long you’ve been using NMN, what dosage & how often. Keep up the great work!!

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