Ultra NMN – Another fake – contains ZERO percent NMN

Our  customers know Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is an excellent product, especially when taken sublingually.

Unfortunately, the exploding popularity has encouraged new companies to jump on the trend with new products that are almost always poor quality.

Over the last few years, we have sent NMN samples from other companies for testing, revealing the worst violators. Third-party testing has helped us drive inferior and counterfeit products from the marketplace, protecting the health of consumers and their investments.

ULTRA NMN is one of the worst we have ever seen and possibly the most dangerous.

You can see from the test reports we attached here  both the 30 and 60 ct bottles they are selling have ZERO NMN in the capsules!

They launched in late March, 2019 with a brand new company and product, selling on Amazon and their website,

Within a few days, they hired over 25 fake, 5-star reviews that all posted on April 5.

We contacted Amazon about the fraud and they soon removed the fake reviews from May 22 and a few from the April 5 group.

But they still have many fake reviews.  Check out the pictures below they felt the need to provide with the fake review – all the images show the same hand holding the capsules and bottles!


We also ordered both of their NMN capsule products – the 30 count and 60 count –  and sent them off for testing.

When the results came back Friday, June 8, it was the worst case scenario. They found that all of the ULTRA NMN capsules contained ZERO NMN.

They are currently working on identifying what the actual substance is. At this time, it is unknown.

We contacted the FDA and were able to wade through the bureaucracy to find who to file a report with.

It seems the FDA took this seriously and contacted the brand owner.

Within hours, their website disappeared and their listings on Amazon were suddenly no longer available.

This is their website before it went offline. Click on the image to go to the google cache.


Full report from Micro Quality Labs for the 30 and 60 ct UltraNMN bottles:


So, say goodbye to ULTRA NMN for now, but chances are, they will pop back up soon.

If you happened to purchase from these scammers through Amazon, you should get a refund.

In the future, do not take chances buying NMN from anyone who does not post signed and dated test results from third-party facilities.

NMN is a very costly product. Fraudulent companies are disguising powdered substances as NMN, which can be very dangerous.

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