Yes, Chris Masterjohn, increased NAD+ in the bloodstream IS a good thing.

This title might seem obvious to anyone who has spent an hour or more reading about NAD+ and what it means for our health.

We know that NAD+ levels fall as we age, which correlates with decreased health and increased disease.

The reason for taking NAD+ precursors such as NR or NMN is  to restore NAD+ levels in cells throughout the body.

NAD+ not supplied to the blood by liver

In this short podcast, Dr Chris Masterjohn  speaks as though blood levels of NAD+ are not important.

Dr Masterjohn  relies upon the March 2018 research by Ling Lui that says NAD+ precursors such as NR or NMN do not reach the bloodstream.

They are metabolized  in the liver, which excretes only Nicotinamide (NAM) to the bloodstream for other tissues to use in the salvage pathway to create the NAD+ they need.

It does seem that the main pathway for NAD+ creation outside the liver may be  from NAM excreted from the liver. 

What IS the main source of NAD+ in the blood?

Dr Masterjohn is right that  we don’t currently know the source of NAD+ in the blood.

He assumes the source  is mostly from recycling of dead cells, and that increased NAD+ in the blood is not a normal pathway used by the  body to distribute NAD+.

5:40 – He  says the source of NAD + in blood are dead cells

Dr Masterjohn says he believes supplying the liver with NAD+ precursors and letting it “drip feed” NAM into the bloodstream is the safer, more natural method to help restore NAD levels and that supplying NAD+ directly to the bloodstream may be unsafe.

Dr Masterjohn agrees that:

  • NAD+ is found in the blood
  • NAD+ levels in the blood decrease with age
  • NAD+ levels in the blood increase with supplementation of NAD+ precursors
  • NAD+ in the blood IS taken up directly and utilized by at least some cells

5:00. Dr Masterjohn agrees that NAD+ is clearly taken up by some cells

Where we think he is mistaken

This bias against increased NAD+ in the bloodstream does not explain why:

– NAD+ levels are less that 1/2 in old animals, and lower NAD+ correlate with poor health.

  Virtually every study using NR, NAM, NMN, or NAD+  oral supplements or injection that showed some health benefit also shows elevated levels of NAD+ in the bloodstream.

– Chromadex and Elysium Health tout the ability of their products to elevated blood NAD+ levels as a primary endpoint in their research to show effectiveness of their products

The research below very clearly show that  NAD+ in the blood is definately used by the body.

Higher levels of NAD+ in mothers blood benefits nursing pups

Perhaps the strongest proof that the body does in fact utilize blood NAD+ levels to benefit other tissues is  Dr Brenner’s latest research with nursing mice were he asserts that the sole mechanism for the greatly improved health of babies whose mothers received NR was the increased NAD+ in blood of the mothers. 

Maternal Nicotinamide Riboside Enhances Postpartum Weight Loss, Juvenile Offspring Development, and Neurogenesis of Adult Offspring

This study fed lactating mice Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) in chow for 21 days after birth of offspring to measure the effect on the health of their pups who did not receive any NR.

After 21 days, the pups were removed from the mothers and fed normal chow.

Surprisingly, the offspring whose mothers received NR exhibited:

  • Higher body weight
  • Increased activity
  • Larger brain size
  • Diminished Anxiety
  • improved spatial memory

These improvements in health and behavior persisted for the length of the study, which was 90 days after birth.

INCREASED NAD+ in blood was THE REASON for better health of their pups.

Researchers found NR was not present in the bloodstream or mothers milk.

Dr Brenner says the increased NAD+ in bloodstream induced higher NAD+ in the milk, which was the sole reason for the benefit to the pups.

Nursing mother have lower levels of NAD+ in liver and higher levels in blood

Comparing Non-lactating and Lactating females without supplementation shows the nursing mothers sacrifice NAD+ from their liver to keep levels higher in the blood, making more NAD+ available for their pups.

Researchers don’t know the mechanism for HOW this happens, but that clearly demonstrates that increased levels of NAD+ is beneficial.

When given NR, nursing mother have higher levels of NAD+ in liver and blood

Comparing the blood NAD+ levels of lactating mothers, you clearly see that they are able to increase blood NAD+ levels even more with supplementation of NR.  The result is higher NAD+ in the mothers milk, and healthier offspring from drinking this milk.

Increased levels of NAD+  IN THE BLOOD is useful.

We think this latest research by Dr Brenner clearly prove that:

  • The body does directly use NAD+ in the blood, not as a byproduct.
  • Increased levels of NAD+ in the bloodstream clearly has a beneficial effect.

Nursing mothers sacrifice their health temporarily to enable them to supply MORE NAD+ IN THE BLOOD.

Supplying NAD+ direct to the bloodstream should not be feared.

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